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WPI aims at realizing value based welfare state governed by principles of Justice Freedom, Genuine opposition
सत्ता में साझेदारी

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Sixty years of rule by Congress and Left has done maximum damage to muslims of WB, they are poorer, without any government job.
Time has come they get their economic due and power
Congress Divided Over Alliance With Muslim Cleric's Outfit In Bengal - NDTV

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Quoted @AbdurRahman_IPS

Genetic Evidence on Origins of Indian Caste Population reveals Upper castes are more similar to Europeans than to Asians, middle castes are equidistant from 2 groups and lower castes r most similar to Asians.
DNA of Brahmins and upper caste Hindus are similar to East Europeans.

What about this

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गुजरात में भाजपा की बढ़त
80% ओ बी सी है गुजरात में
मुसलमान सिर्फ 8%

बाद में आरक्षण और निजीकरण का रोना रोते रहिए।

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महाराष्ट्र के हर गांव में पांच से दस एकड़ जमीन सरकारी जमीन है
हमारी मांग है सरकार ये जमीन भूमिहीनों को दे ताकि कोई भी आदमी बेघर ना हो।

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डबल्यू॰पी॰आई॰ की है यही माँग भूमिहीन को सरकार दे भूमि दान,

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Quoted @wpimaharashtra

Dowry system is a curse.
Two types of dowry
1. One time (at the time of marriage)
2. Monthly dowry, men wants to marry someone working and earnings huge money every month so that he takes that money forcefully, this is equally shameful.


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भूमिहीनों की मांग जमीन दे सरकार
अमरावती जिला अध्यक्ष कलेक्टर से मिल कर मांग की।
गुरचरण जमीनें गरीबों को दी जाय।
वेलफेयर पार्टी आफ इंडिया महाराष्ट्र।

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Memorandum to Pune Collector by Pune District President and Secretary demanding Land for Landless.

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Thane District President and Maharashtra Secratary give memorandum to Tahseeldar at Kalyan demanding Land for Landless.
We appeal to all activists and civil society members to support us.

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Who's statement is correct
Sangh or Hemant Soren's

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Amrawati District President submitted memorandum to Collector demanding land for Landless people in Maharashtra.

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اس بیٹی کو ڈوبتے ہوئے دیکھ کر ہم سبھی کو شرم آنی چاہئے۔۔کتنا درد ہے اس بیٹی کی آواز میں ۔
جہیز کی لعنت چاہے وہ ایک بار مانگا جائے یہ نوکری کرنے والی بیوی کی شکل میں ماہانہ جہیز دونوں بند ہونا چاہیے جو لوگ جہیز مانگے اُن کا فوٹو بینر پر سرے عام لگایا جائے۔

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So painful to watch this young girl commit suicide.
She should have taken divorce and tried to remarry.
This practice of dowry must end time to name and shame people seeking one time dowry or monthly dowry ( Salaried wife).
Man should be man.

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New Fraternity Movement Kerala team.
Best wishes for them from Maharashtra.

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Lakshadweep is 93% Muslim and they are forced to adopt "culture" and "lifestyle" of outsiders.

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Quoted @wpimaharashtra

How the leading players in the Indian media, loyal to the governing BJP-RSS combine, have been openly peddling fake news, hate and bigotry targeting religious minorities, especially India’s marginalised and dispossessed Muslims and why they have been getting away with murder

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Welfare Greetings
After receiving letter from National President
WPI Maharashtra conducted meeting of District presidents.
We discussed how to implement policy as guided by NP. Membership campaign from next week, will be giving memorandum to Collectors tomorrow.

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