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A solid game with a terrible outcome
We need to bounce back Wednesday

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So did zuccarello get high sticked without a call there

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Cole for pateryn trade was an absolute steal

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A bit of a sloppy period by the #mnwild but 4 goals has to be a season best for the 2nd period now stay out of the box and finish this one off

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Moose with a very talented goal there oh and brodin did something too #mnwild

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Someone's got to cover the guy standing alone in the crease

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Hopefully Vegas mcfleury machine is broken tonight #mnwild

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I woke up to 50 degrees in my house that seems a bit low to me

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Quoted @fbrass31

I swear I'm a nice guy

Nothing quite like a goalie fight

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Quoted @MoneyPuckdotcom

Playoff odds as of Sunday. Leafs almost in double digits to win Cup.

I'll take these odds #mnwild

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Quoted @jmahathey8

Daily reminder I fucking hate Kaprizov

The kids making friends around the league only 18 games into his career

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Quoted @BobMenery

I call BS: no book unless they’re missing brain cells would take this action.

This is going viral right now. Not a chance. Retweet if you agree.

I'm definitely going streaking next year

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Watching the #CBJvsNSH game and seeing laine on Columbus seems weird and I totally forgot kunin plays for Nashville

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That's it this truck is done time to trade it in I cant have a vehicle with 5 digit odometer

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Man that's gotta sting a bit if your a @LAKings fan #mnwild

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Wow .3 left dumba game winner in ot #mnwild #HDM2021

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WOW fuck you ref

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I dont like that boarding call on foligno this is a contact sport and that was a clean hit

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