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Replying to @TheRoboReport: Congratulations to @titanvest for remarkable #roboadvisor performance in #2020.

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Congratulations to @titanvest for remarkable #roboadvisor performance in #2020.

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This week we saw Disney+ leveraging its distribution into ~100M households to launch a new media brand called Star centered on non-children's content. Will Star become $DIS's own HBO? Only time will tell. But distribution paradox impt to keep in mind.

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As always, you can find our full disclosures here:

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Excited to share that Titan was ranked the #1 investment advisor in 2020 for total equity returns, by Backend Benchmarking.

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15/ (As always, you can find our full disclosures here: )

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14/ We understand our place in history - it’s our duty to carry the torch of investing, established by iconic American giants, for decades to come. Onwards.

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13/ We're truly just getting started. With this Series A capital, we're accelerating our plans to give to everyday investors, big and small, the crème de la crème of investment management.

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12/ We see 8 of every 10 clients engage with Titan each week. This is b/c every client - whether they have $1,000 with us or $100,000 with us - is treated like they have $10M with us. Tech enables us to do things for everyone that previously were only limited to a select few.

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11/ The industry is still in the Stone Age, with high minimums + black-box experiences (e.g., 90-page prospectus). Even if you're ultra wealthy, the best you can get is a quarterly call with an underlying investment manager. We've upended this entire experience.

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10/ But indicative of the power of technology, we're expecting to cross $1B in assets this year (less than 4 years since launch) - an order of magnitude faster than Fidelity.

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9/ Titan, in a sense, was born during the Great Pandemic. Last year we grew assets by 600%. We’ve pioneered investor communications via our mobile operating system, setting a new standard for the industry.

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8/ ....and 32 years later, Fidelity would cross their first $1B of assets under management.

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7/ To put our journey into context, we look to history. Fidelity, now worth $100B+ in enterprise value, was born during the Great Depression. The Fidelity Fund was launched to help smaller investors and pioneered investor communications through regular updates via postal mail...

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6/ Titan is taking the torch and building the operating system that will power active investment management for future generations of investors. But this time, we can offer both sets of menus.

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5/ Despite $500B+ in public market capitalization and the financial well-being of millions of Americans at stake, the industry is still ruled by legacy giants like Fidelity, BlackRock, and T. Rowe Price. No modern platform has yet to emerge.

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4/ This menu problem is the elephant in the room in consumer finance. Technology has sent shockwaves throughout many consumer finance categories - from banking to brokerage - but investment management remains stubbornly behind.

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3/ Titan’s journey began with a question: why are two different menus offered to investors? If you're an everyday person, you are given one menu (passive ETFs, mutual funds). If you are ultra wealthy, you get access to an elite one (hedge funds, VC, private equity, etc).

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2/ Other partners we're excited to have joining this round include Ashton Kutcher and Guy Oseary’s @sound_ventures_, @ScribbleVC, @BoxGroup, @ycombinator, @southpkcommons, Lee Fixel, Instagram founder Mike Krieger (@mikeyk), Eventbrite founder Kevin Hartz (@kevinhartz), and more.

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