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Trump has only four days left to avoid a third impeachment. Do not underestimate this sociopath.

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Bring the troops home. They are needed in the streets of America.

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Read my full statement to
The Pillow Guy-
Fuck You Pillow Guy.

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Yeah yeah yeah, we gonna come together and we gonna heal. But we also gonna see some folks off to prison.

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Americans have second homes they never go to. Americans have someone else walk their dog and clean their toilet and cut their lawn and make their dinner. So...where’s all the happiness?

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"reconnaissance tours!"
thanks elected officials!

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Dear Donald Trump-
You've lost Macauley Culkin.

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Proud to say to all-
We knew each other during America.

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Trump overheard mumbling-
"We have some planes...everyone just stay quiet."

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Trump has only 8 days to avoid a third impeachment. Do not underestimate this sociopath. #TRUMP2020ToSaveAmerica

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Replying to @CharlesMBlow: It is done...

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Trump is like Aaron Hernandez...he just can’t stop killing everyone. #TrumpInsurrection

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It is done...

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Our President Trump used to be a racist. He still is, but he used to be as well. #Trump

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The term “Our Better Angels” that the GOP use so sanctimoniously may well have tested positively in focus groups, but read my full statement to the people who use these words-
Fuck you
and Fuck your better angels

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Lauren Boebert is in Congress? I’m old enough to remember her back when she cut her husbands dick off.

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Trump determined to attack inside the US.

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