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Quoted @KelseyDelave

Not that it's written in sharpie on my wall calendar or anything but @tacobell potatoes return in only 7 days

If it WAS written on your calendar, we'd tell you you're our favorite person rn.

 421  46  13

Does anyone else daydream about Crunchwraps?

 8,877  1,071  846

Quoted @sickofthehype

oh my god 8 days until potatoes at taco bell again

What they said...

 1,380  71  169

Quoted @BuzzFeeders

Build your dream @tacobell
order and we'll accurately guess if you're a kid, teen, adult, or elder 🌮

Don't be shy, share your results.

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Quoted @LiaCastro62

‼️PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT‼️ 9 days until @tacobell brings back potatoes ✨you’re welcome✨

The public thanks you.

 1,432  94  168

Quoted @queen_tayee

10 more days till this vegetarian can enjoy @tacobell ‘s potato’s again! I wonder what’s going to be in the menu 🤔

The anticipation is killing us.

 571  57  34

RT if your GPS thinks Taco Bell is home.

 2,369  134  752

Quoted @PSUBarstool

1 year ago today...

Penn State’s Taco Bell vigil makes national news RIP 🙏

Gone but never forgotten.

 3,883  48  346

Quoted @torilzalenski

I need a new username. Fiesta potatoes come back in 11 days to @tacobell

11 more days and you can eat your Fiesta Potato heart out.

 1,457  101  155

Quoted @jaimponce

I believe humanity will come together in 12 days following the return of @tacobell potato’s 🥔

Spuds unite.

 859  80  85

Quoted @hohjiro

13 days until potato tacos are back at @tacobell. Nobody talk to me. I will be crying. Using my tears as the salsa to my tacos.

😭 Now we're gonna cry...only 13 days!

 889  78  84

Dip in before they dip out. Snag some Nacho Fries before they're gone.

 431  131  52

Quoted @gianna_ismyname

14 days till potatoes are back at taco bell !!!

We know you already said this but... 14 days till potatoes are back at Taco Bell!

 2,978  174  458

It’s always time for Taco Bell.

 8,095  383  1,491

Quoted @that_ally

T-minus 15 days until potatoes return to @tacobell. I can’t be the only one counting, right?! #tacobell #returnofthepotatoes

You sure aren't. Who else is counting with us?

 1,725  183  133

Because cravings deserve a win. Keep your at-home team full with our $10 Taco & Burrito Cravings Pack

 175  33  24

“I’ll wait till I get home to eat it.”
*Brings home empty Taco Bell bag*

 3,144  165  358

Keep the flowers, buy me Taco Bell.

 5,303  197  1,281

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