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"KEEP ON KEEP'N ON" JJ - My Daughter Madeline #1 , Dallas Cowboys , RedSox LA Kings , LA Lakers , Soo Greyhounds & of course I-Heart my Family & My Dog “Tom”

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Rozier finds LaMelo for three ☔️

Can’t stand @NBA

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Who y’all got for the main event? #BillsRavens

Bill by 10

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#CowboysNation ... pick YOUR word ...


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Fill in the blank...🤔

Dallas #Cowboys' future is _________.

Our @CowboysSI staff each picked a word:
#cowboysnation @fishsports @richiewhitt @PostinsPostcard @MattGalatzan @barazani_tomer

Replying to @fishsports: #CowboysNation ... pick YOUR word ...

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Again @RedSox asleep 💤 while the #Yankees obtain Mass Native and bounce back player of year candidate Meanwhile Back at the outhouse Chaim and Staff are to busy pondering whatever there pondering and lose again ! So Pissed!

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Nothing said all Crickets form the so called news networks @CNN @MSNBC @ABC From the Get go Hillary’s paid for dossier was a farce the beguine of #FakeNews Fake impeachment and a waste of time/$ and was all a political stunt that’s it that’s all!

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#firedonlemon @donlemon should be put away for using the race card 1 to many times your an example of what is really wrong with this world ! Your day will come when u will need to meet your maker !

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Hopefully when all the vaccine has been offered out the powers will audit the ACTUAL Covid 19 Deaths to see how many people actually passed due to #COVID just saying ,,,,

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I can’t figures it out its ok For wacky Maxine Waters to say take out the Mega at gas stations grocery , DeNiro wants to punch out the President, Biden wants to take him out back , Madonna wants to blow up the WhiteHouse and crickets nothing said no repercussions #TrumpRules

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#ImpeachmentDay time to Rid of The Sawmp misters. #Polosi #McConnell they think the are the Government and have control over the people when in fact it’s the other way around ! The only reason why The President has been resisted from day 1 #ExposeTheDeepState

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President #Trump is was and always be against violence no matter what party or whatever motive from day one Protest by do it peacefully ! Not like these unhinged left wing senators that are trying to rid of aMr Trump there ALL Hypocrites Maxine Waters and Kamala are at the Top!

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75 Million people voted for this man and should be allowed to voice there opinion without being silenced by those who don’t agree , the amendment was put forth to allow for multiple opinion but that is being shut out

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People like the waste of skin @Madonna who commented bout thinking about blowdown the White House “ and the loony left claps just imagine for a half millisecond if that was someone from the other side it’s a joke what @POTUS did for the USA will go down as a Political miracle

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Time will tell everything ! That’s it that’s all You can stay Mainstream but I will never go back! Ever

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If the 1/2 the world is silenced !it will be the beginning of the decline of civilization as we know it / in a terrible way these elite left wing socialists that are taking over are wining but have not won #Trump2024 @newsmax @FoxNews

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Seriously social media is being governed like north efen North Korea #TRUMP2021 love Trump piss on @cnn

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The Demssay they want to bring the country together but want to invoke the 25th on Trump lead by : #DumberthenDumbPolosi

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@staronthehelmet I looked this up and didn’t find evidence of George Soros but I did find a lot of articles about it being a conspiracy theory: are you able to link your source

Of course you did because like everything else the truth is being oppressed / fact is Soros funds these movements What about David Dorn ? Killed by BLM and Not a peep , killed while helping a businessman during the riot left call peaceful protest?

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It a peep only crickets when hero policeman and husband father David adorn was killed by BLM how come @KingJames ? @SteveKerr

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