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Natural Baby Wellness Products.
Inspired by ancient indigenous rituals. #TrueToMotherhood❤️& her ethos of nourishing, cleansing & comforting her baby.


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Saluting our women workforce at our Madurai factory.
#internationalwomensday #wondersofnature #womenbehindMAATE

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Saluting our women workforce at our Gurgaon headquarters.
#internationalwomensday #wondersofnature #womenbehindMAATE

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Our founder @PriyankaCRaina who inspires so many of us everyday believes "From promises to power, she is the force of nature that nurtures, build empires, move mountains and push boundaries. Cheers to womanhood!" #internationalwomensday #wondersofnature #womenbehindMAATE

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Valarmathi powerful message is inspiring - "Women are multitaskers. We are blessed with the ability to fight their challenges outside & at home. Never give up & inspire more women to join hands, step out of home to support their families such that everyone lives a dignified life"

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Our factory worker Valarmathi says, "We live in the nearby villages. It gives us so much joy and satisfaction to see that here's a company that truly cares for babies by using the best natural ingredients with such potent benefits." #womenbehindMAATE #InternationalWomensDay

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Valarmathi handles the processes at the Madurai factory & feels happy, proud of her association. MAATÉ makes natural range of products for little babies. Safe, exactly like mothers want for their little ones. #internationalwomensday #womensday #wondersofnature #womenbehindMAATE

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Her message- When I started off, I was fearful.There are challenges at home and work place One must never lose sight of a definite life goal. Here, we gain strength from each other work like a family & constantly support each other Nandini, R&D Dept MAATÉ #InternationalWomensDay

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Says Nandini who works in our R&D facility at Madurai, South of India. #womenbehindMAATE

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Nandini has been working with MAATÉ & been part of sampling, testing & certifications right from their initial stages. Says"That we make products that protect little babies. And when people praise MAATÉ products and share positive feedback, we are delighted". #womenbehindmaate

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We celebrate our incredible women tribe behind MAATÉ who inspire & cheer each other on, usher in to an equal world of opportunities. Nandini, Valarmathi & Pratishikha- associated since inception, share their thoughts on the occasion of International Women's Day #womenbehindMAATE

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Our factory women workforce empowers local women inhabiting across the region to support our manufacturing processes. Coming the cocoons of plush nature of southern hinterlands, that connects them to the sustainable ethos of our all-natural products. #womenbehindMAATE

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An ode to the makers of MAATÉ. #womenbehindMAATE

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MAATÉ Baby Body Massage Oil is enriched with nature's choicest herbs, premium oils & plant extracts that enhances bone mineralization and strength. It promotes weight gain, aids in digestion, improves circulation, soothe their senses and helps them to sleep better. #babycare

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Daily Oil Massage gives a healthy head start to your baby’s day. Your warm strokes of love gently relax them. It’s important to Massage your little ones with a nutrient-rich baby oil that helps their delicate limbs grow stronger and healthier. #babymassage

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Daily ritual for a nourishing start to the day! Massaging the baby everyday is a tradition been followed for many years, passed on from generations to generations for a healthy skeletal growth.

#babymassage #babywelling #naturalskincare #maate #truetomotherhood

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Whip up this Berry Delight for your Little one with Makhana Berry Kheer by Vinod Saini, Master chef Indian, The Leela Palace, New Delhi.

Checkout complete recipe here:

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Replying to @ImRaina: Distressing news coming from #Uttarakhand about a glacier burst. Praying for everyone’s safety in the affected areas.

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It’s really important to focus on nutritional value while preparing food for your children. Eating healthy at a young age builds a strong foundation for future. ~ says Vinod Saini, Head Chef, The Leela Palace New Delhi while sharing this delicious recipe of Makhana Kheer.

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Distressing news coming from #Uttarakhand about a glacier burst. Praying for everyone’s safety in the affected areas.

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We introduce you to “Weekend Flavours” where every weekend of Feb, the fabulous chefs at @TheLeelaHotels will share many such recipes with us, which are easy to make, delicious & healthy for your little ones. #foodforchildren #tasteofindia #healthykids #wellbeing #babywellness

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