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The gob on a stick with the weird accent. home schooling wrecked me and boredom brought me here (a limited edition lockdown Twitter) I stayed!

Glasgow, Scotland

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Catching up fast with all the books I’d hoarded. What’ve u read recently? Favourite book? Book recommendations? Book reviews? Fancy something different.
#reading #books #WorldBookDay2021 #author #bookreviews #BookRecommendations

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Tell me something lovely that’s happened to u lately? I need to hear some positivity #lockdown #happythoughts oh and happy #StDavidsDay

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Right, face straightened, other than 3 meals, 3 loads of laundry and 1 dog walk my kids have been absolute angels and so I’ve watched that stand up thingy, all of #ginnyandgeorgia and #LostGirls on #netflix and ate some amount of crap so I’m feeling quite lucky now. New book now!

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Just to let u all know I’m still a whining faced pms bitch today. Dog had me up at 6 and I tried for 17 weeks to get back to sleep like the kids but no. Now 2 of them are napping and I’m cooking resentfully. Have a blessed day everyone. Peace, love and all that shite!

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#TheLateLateShow is up now. Love a a bit of Jimmy n Haz!

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I really hate Ruby! Conniving bitch #EastEnders

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Choking on a noodle wasn’t the end of me, can’t keep a warrior down 😂 #cheatingdeath

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Oh ffs stace #EastEnders cue mat leave? Stacey will get the blame of the miscarriage now!

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Still crabit and crampy, and now confused why is @skytv telling me @TrishaGoddard episode of @piersmorgan #LifeStories is episode 8? Have I missed the other 5? I thought it was @missgemcollins then @ChrisEubank then @TrishaGoddard ??

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Quoted @philipnormal

Do a charity t shirt they said, people would be nice they said.

Can everyone share this? This is an amazing small business look what is being achieved for @THTorguk and they’re getting grief?! Website clearly states the demand and waiting times and the huge amount already raised. #La❤️

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I’ve ate 6 milky ways took every period pain relief known. I feel like hamsters live in my breasts have shooting pains up my arse and cramp from hell, and make a great white look as friendly as memo.
Thank you for attending my ted talk on #periods
G’nite #La

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It’s official I’m broke. I can spend no more money til Mother’s Day- but what to buy the mammy?
Today was her birthday we delivered her cards and gifts sang to her badly and handed a cake through like contraband! She’d to light her own candles. But it was still her birthday 🥳

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Replying to @philipnormal: Can I ask everyone that’s waiting on #la t shirts to be delivered remain patient. I’m a small business with 15,000 t shir…

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Can I ask everyone that’s waiting on #la t shirts to be delivered remain patient. I’m a small business with 15,000 t shirts to post, I’m so proud of how much it’s raised but please be patient. Everyone’s t shirts will arrive.

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Quoted @TinaBakerBooks

So today is the day I become a PUBLISHED AUTHOR.
This video is in honour of all of us launching in lockdown. It might not be exactly what we’d dreamed of or hoped for but I’m high on cupcakes & adrenaline. YAY!


Gotta buy the book now! Fantastic. Congratulations 🥳

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Quoted @KateRobbins

If you had any of these hairstyles in the’re probably next to be vaccinated

See previous lipstick tweet. It needed these hairstyles 😂

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Valuable life lesson. There are people who will help u, care about u and lift u up when ur down go through things with u. Then people who truly believe they’re the centre of the universe and will take everything u have to offer and bleed u dry #emotionalvampires avoid them.

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Quoted @RotundaCharity

Can you help? A patient at @RotundaHospital is due to have triplets this week and is in critical need of a triplet pram suitable for newborns. Please message us directly if you can help. Thank you!!

Replying to @SarahJayBee: TRIPLETS!!! Can some brand please help this family?

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TRIPLETS!!! Can some brand please help this family?

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I’m still ill so I wrote a wee prayer 🙏 #indollywetrust #deardolly #DollyParton #valentines
I’m aware I’ve plagiarised the Lord’s Prayer a bit, I’m not sorry unless I’ve offended u.

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