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Love suspenders & interviewing people. Watch #LarryKingNow & #PoliticKING. Airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday on @Hulu and @OraTV. Go Dodgers! ⚾️

Los Angeles, California

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Statement from the family of Larry King

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Happy Thanksgiving!
I’m thankful for my boys and dinner from Craig’s!

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Check out this replica of @Dodgers stadium!
My friend at sent it to me. They have football & baseball 3-D lighted replica stadiums, including the updated 2020 World Champion Dodger Stadium! ⚾️

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Thank you for all the kind birthday messages today...

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Check out my interview🎙️with @MartinEPSeligma founder of Positive Psychology. He shares how we can impact the joy in our lives. #dontmiss #positivepsychology #legend

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Congratulations @JoeBiden & @KamalaHarris!

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The best producer in the biz...

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Today is my favorite day of the year… we change the clocks.
Oh, and #HappyHalloween

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Pollster @FrankLuntz explains why the political polling industry is "done" if Donald Trump defies the experts and ekes out another win.

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Check out my interview with neuroscience & happiness expert @drrhanson Rick Hanson! Calm the brain & experience more happiness. #neuroscience #PositiveConversations

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It’s a good night ⚾️
#Dodgers #WorldSeries

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Congratulations @Dodgers!!
You guys deserve it!

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Replying to @Dodgers: #DodgersWin!

FINAL: #Dodgers 3, Rays 1

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FINAL: #Dodgers 3, Rays 1

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Excited for game 4 of the #worldseries It's been a long, hard road but I think @Dodgers have the right team to do it this year! Dodger fans, what are your game day superstitions to bring home a win?

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Great guest @bfrist joined me to discuss Donald Trump's COVID-19 treatment and why he thinks the president is sending the wrong message to Americans about the virus.

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Join me today at 3:30 PM PDT for my #LIVE interview🎙️ with The Social Dilemma’s Tristan Harris @tristanharris & Cal Newport, author of Digital Minimalism. RSVP now! #dontmiss #technology #dontmiss #screentime @netflix @SocialDilemma_

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Crime writer-turned-filmmaker @donwinslow joined me to talk about the success of his anti-President Trump viral videos and his Election Day fears.

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