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(2/2) Our community’s lack of access to land and healthy food is not a mistake, and raising awareness around this issue is something that I’m committed to. It’s part of the reason why I started Bounty Farms. Black farmers + Black land ownership matter; on MLK day and every day.

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(1/2) In 1910, 14% of all farmers were Black. Today, that number is less than 2%. Black agricultural practices are at the foundation of America’s farming industry, yet, like so many industries, systemic racism has shaped Black representation in today’s farming landscape.

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Gold mine glow bundle restocked today as promised friends! Organic lemon face scrub, whipped bounty farms french lavender body scrub, glow body butter with royal jelly.

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Three weeks post baby, in the middle of covid lockdown, I got to teach @selenagomez one of my favorite recipes... Tune in on January 21st to see!

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20 years later, "Caught Out There" still connects… "Deal with It" by @ashnikko, featuring me out now!

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Pastalitos, gyoza, pierogi, simosa, empanadas... You get the idea, every culture has one. What do you call your dough with delicious goodness inside? Garlic chili sauce on the side Gold Mine sauce bundle #2 it's soooooo good!

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Taking it all in!

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Plant based roasted bell pepper pesto bucatini. Basil infused drip. Gold mine boxes at

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Caption this...

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Midnight cocoa with just a hint of orange plant based raw pie. This is my resolution. Eat healthy, build immune system, love life while doing it. How are you doing with yours?

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Guilt free sour orange and pitaya plant based raw pie!!! Start this year off eating with purpose. These pies are delicious and packed full of goodness, nutrients , antioxidants, and most of all, FLAVOR!!!! Eat well , be well ❤️

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Happy Monday! Get into this drip! Infused oils and salts. Let's do this.

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Happy freedom Friday!! I got my first farm toy! Its a tractor! I never thought I'd say that lol but I'm so excited about all the projects we can do now! Oh, and don't forget GOLD MINE BOX FINISH ME OFF DROPS TODAY AT 3pm pst!

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The music video for “Watch Your Step” with @disclosure is out now 💋

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Replying to @BountyandFull: Handpicked and homegrown by Chef @Kelis ❤️ What's your favorite kind of nut or seed to put in your salad?…

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We made it go the end of 2020! Yay 🙌 I’m clearing out the merch store to make room for lots of new goodies. 30% off everything. You guys know this stuff sells out quick, so don’t wait! Perfect little holiday gifts for yourself or the fam.


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Purple grits and bounty farms omelette!

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When spice is life. @BountyandFull, it's a lifestyle.

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Happy Friday! Excited to share this one with you. "Watch Your Step" is out now 💅🏾✨ Perfect song to kick off the weekend!

You can listen to the track and @disclosure's entire new album 'Energy' here:

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Handpicked and homegrown by Chef @Kelis ❤️ What's your favorite kind of nut or seed to put in your salad?

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