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Kayleigh McEnany

Former White House Press Secretary. Harvard Law JD. Georgetown. Oxford. Previvor. Wife of @GilmartinSean. Mom of #BabyBlake. Phil. 4:6

Joined on 28 February, 2011


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Quoted @RyannMcEnany

The BEST sister in the world @kayleighmcenany is joining the Fox News family!!

You’re such a strong voice for the America First movement & for millions of people throughout this country 🇺🇸

I’m such a proud sister!! ❤️

Thank you @RyannMcEnany - so blessed to have you as my sister!! ❤️

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Quoted @kc_leavitt

Anyone who has the privilege of working with @kayleighmcenany is lucky, myself included. She’s an absolute rockstar, and an even better friend! 💖

Thank you, @kc_leavitt! Loved having you in the Trump press shop and now love watching your great successes on the Hill!

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Quoted @jalen_drummond

YASSSSS 👏🏾🔥 congratulations @kayleighmcenany

Thank you, @jalen_drummond — a true rockstar in the Trump press office!

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Quoted @lyndeedrose

Kayleigh has been and will always be an unwavering supportive sister in Christ and I am honored to call her my dear friend!

Congratulations!!! @kayleighmcenany ❤️

Thank you, @lyndeedrose! You played a huge role in the press shop. So blessed to have had you by my side!

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Quoted @JessieJaneDuff

@FoxNews Happy to see @kayleighmcenany join Fox News. A reason to celebrate!

Thank you, @JessieJaneDuff!

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Joining @seanhannity on @FoxNews at 9:30 PM ET! 🇺🇸

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.@PressSec: “Like many Americans, we disagree on political issues, but we talked about our families, our spouses, sports, all sorts of things in the green room.”

Well said! ⬇️

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Quoted @JuddPDeere

Congrats @kayleighmcenany!

Thank you @JuddPDeere - you were the backbone of the Trump press shop through my tenure and long before. You are a rockstar!

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Quoted @ChadGilmartinCA

Congratulations to a smart, strong, and outspoken voice for the forgotten men and women of America (and an incredible Press Sec) @kayleighmcenany!

Thank you, @ChadGilmartinCA!! Our press briefings would not have been possible without you and Julia Hahn. So appreciate you both!

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Quoted @KatrinaPierson

Congratulations to our @kayleighmcenany 🎉

Original crew! 🇺🇸

Thank you, @KatrinaPierson!! ❤️

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Quoted @mercedesschlapp

Congratulations @kayleighmcenany!

Thank you, @mercedesschlapp!!! ❤️

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Quoted @DoctorJanette

@FoxNews How Wonderful! Congratulations & Welcome! @kayleighmcenany 🙏🥇

Thank you, Dr. Nesheiwat!!!

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Quoted @TimMurtaugh

Congratulations to @kayleighmcenany!

I had the pleasure of working with her on the campaign for over a year before she left for the White House.

Absolutely one of the best and most talented advocates for conservative principles there is.

Thank you @TimMurtaugh for the truly kind words. Right back at you my friend!

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Quoted @GiannoCaldwell

@FoxNews Welcome to the Fox News family @kayleighmcenany!

Thanks @GiannoCaldwell! So excited to join!

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Quoted @LisaMarieBoothe

@FoxNews @kayleighmcenany Amazing! Congrats, Kayleigh! Welcome.

Thanks @LisaMarieBoothe!! Excited to join!

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Quoted @PYNance

Congrats @kayleighmcenany! Look forward to watching you on @FoxNews. Much deserved.

Thanks, @PYNance!!!

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Quoted @mikehahn_

Congratulations @kayleighmcenany!

Thank you, @mikehahn_ !!!

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Congratulations, @kayleighmcenany!

You did a fantastic job at CNN, the RNC, the Trump Campaign, the White House and there is no doubt you will do extremely well offering your insights at Fox News!

#BabyBlake has a history making mom!

Thank you, @PARISDENNARD! ❤️

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