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This time last week in Texas we were under an artic freeze. This week everyone is wearing shorts and tees lol #TexasWinterStorm2021

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I'm trying to stack some stats @cashapp Help a brother out please! #stacksats $ImShaunJ

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Feels good when everything is in the green #Bitcoin

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Pretty sure we'll stay around 51 for the majority of the day then dip to around 47-48 once everyone sells off at the top. I'll buy more then #Bitcoin

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Really would like to know where all my money goes when I pay my electric bill. Pretty sure not a single solitary cent went on improving the actual power grid #TexasBlackout #texaswinterstorm

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Send me #Bitcoin to cheer me up lol. Cashapp: $ImShaunJ

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Man these rolling blackouts really do suck. At least I have a little bit of heat though. Tmobile service out at the moment so I'm tweeting via WiFi until it goes out with the electricity again lol #texaspoweroutage

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Sooooo..... What do I have to do to get a @TwitterSpaces invite? Lol

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If you know you know #Bitcoin

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