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"If Biden is serious about a more humane approach on immigration, what he needs is not just to reverse Trump's policies and go back to Obama-era policies," says @jeanguerre. "He needs to actually repair the harm that was done when he was vice president."

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As Yemenis Protest U.S. Blacklisting of Houthis, Canadians Act to Halt Saudi Arms Sales

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Senate Foreign Relations Committee Backs Tony Blinken For Secretary of State

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Senate Confirms Janet Yellen as Treasury Secretary

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Joe Biden has reversed the ban on openly trans people in the military. @ACLU's @chasestrangio calls it "an incredibly important development" that undoes "one of the most aggressive examples" of the Trump administration's attack on trans rights.

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President Biden Reverses Trump’s Transgender Military Service Ban

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Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell Drops Demand to Preserve Filibuster

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Oxfam says the 10 richest people made enough during the pandemic to pay for the entire world to get vaccinated. "And that's just the profits they've made during the pandemic — the additional moneys they've made," says @dpaulobrien of @OxfamAmerica.

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Moderna Prepares Modified COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Amid Concerns Over New Variants

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California’s Governor Lifts Stay-at-Home Orders Even as Many ICUs Remain Full

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Journalist @jeanguerre says Joe Biden cannot simply return to immigration policies of the Obama era, when 3 million people were deported. "He needs to actually repair the harm that was done when he was vice president," she says.

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In 2020, we spoke with Angela Davis about the worldwide uprising against police brutality, racism and capitalism, movement building and more.

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Happy birthday, Angela Davis! The world-renowned abolitionist, author and professor, known for her decades of organizing and prolific scholarship around the Black liberation movement, turns 77 today.

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President Biden Increases U.S. Vaccination Goal to 150 Million Shots in 100 Days

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Dominion Voting Systems Sues Rudy Giuliani for Lying About 2020 Election

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Inspector General to Probe Whether DOJ Officials Worked With Trump to Overturn Election

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Despite positive change at the federal level, lawmakers are targeting trans rights with a slew of new legislation at the state level, says @chasestrangio. "We have this significant backlash to the very notion that trans humanity is going to be recognized."

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House Delivers Article of Impeachment to Senate, Triggering Trump’s Second Trial

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