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We listened to over 1,000 songs to find these. We needed just the right harmony between photos and songs

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I've also done quite a few keynotes where I show photos of people's trips...

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I saw a Ken Burns special and sent it to the team. We realized we could use real photos of real people to tell a story - something few commercials do

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We started working on them right before our IPO roadshow. We had the idea to do a documentary style campaign

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These ads were all made by our in-house team

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Here is the Airbnb Miso stayed at:

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Here's our 4th film, my favorite: I Will Always Love You

Thank you @dollyparton for the beautiful song.

Hosted by Jacopo at House Above the Clouds, it's about Miso, a 2-year-old Golden. Miso likes playing with sticks, running through the woods, and chewing on a pink octopus

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Here is the Airbnb where Anne and her family stayed:

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Here's the 3rd film: Sweet Child O' Mine

Hosted by Geannelle at the Dune House in Victoria, Australia, it tells the story of Anne, who couldn't see her mom and sister for months until this trip reunited them

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Here is the Airbnb where Adraint and his friends stayed:

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Here's the 2nd film: Forever Young

Hosted by Cynthia in Wemberley, Texas, it tells the story of Adraint, who is finishing college and wanted to be with his college buddies one more time before getting on with their professional lives

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Here is the Airbnb where they stayed:

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Here's the 1st film: Landslide

Hosted by Ashley and Francois at the Saltwater Cottage in Narragansett, Rhode Island, it's about a young family's first trip with their newborn

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We edited the photos together with familiar songs and the result captured the nostalgia for past trips, and hope for the future to take trips like this again.

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So we asked photographers to stay in Airbnb's with their family and friends, take photos of their trip, and send them back to us.

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We also wanted to make something people could feel, something that is real and true...

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This type of meaningful travel is made possible by our Hosts, and we wanted a way to honor them.

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People miss traveling. The type of traveling they miss the most is spending meaningful time with family and friends.

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We made something I'm excited to share—our 1st major campaign in 5 years called Made possible by Hosts.

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