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Mary eating the snow 😫 #RHOSLC

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I will say this reunion has made me like every single woman on this show tho #RHOSLC

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I wish the ladies, especially Heather, would just listen to what Jen is saying right now. #RHOSLC
& I don’t think Jen called them racist? Or did I miss that?

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Ok Jen crying and explaining herself isn’t aggressive. #RHOSLC

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Do we think Jen actually is sorry & feels bad or is acting like this because Sharrieff is there? #RHOSLC

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Ok Heather I love you but this is about Meredith’s marriage not yours right now #RHOSLC

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Wait did I miss something I’m confused what happened with Whitney and her dad because she seemed so supportive so why isn’t he talking to her? #RHOSLC

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I’m dead at Mary and her husband fighting at the reunion omfg #RHOSLC

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Dolores has the most unconventional relationship with both of her men and I actually love it #RHONJ

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I wanted to see them fight this trip lol #RHONJ

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Jackie not going is lame as hell #RHONJ

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Only the second episode of #RHONJ and there’s already a trip? This season is going to be amazing I can tell

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*btw I know she’s problematic, it was just on tv and before I changed it I saw this lol*

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The pioneer woman is really on tv making tomato soup with cans of tomato soup ..... goodbye wtf is this show lol

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Matt does not deserve Michelle!! She is such a sweetie and I love her sm. #TheBachelor

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I’m with Kandi on this, who cares! They’re all adults and can fuck who they want & if someone doesn’t want to own up to it, let it be. #RHOA

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How is it that Marlo makes everything entertaining, even fishing?? I love her. #RHOA

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I would pay so much money to see what went down in this house #RHOA

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Cynthia’s faces throughout this party is killllling me 💀 #RHOA

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