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Be the person your dog thinks you are. I tweet mostly nonsense about the @MnWild & @Twins & @Vikings. Pie-cut pizza enthusiast. BBQ. Old soul. #Five

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Quoted @SKORNorth

Morning Judd: What was Zach Parise doing? #mnwild

Hard to argue with any of this. Especially the end.

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I get not wanting to throw your players under the bus, but really Dean? Will be interesting to see how he handles this going forward. This is healthy-scratch worthy in my book.

This is among reasons why Russo is the best in the biz. Not afraid to ask the tough questions.

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Quoted @RussoHockey

5 primary assists for Mark Stone

How many? #Five

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Quoted @RussoHockey

#mnwild held Vegas without a shot the first 11:35 of the third period

Problem is the Wild didn't have a shot in the last 11:58 of the third period and the 2 minutes of overtime

Wild played a good third on so many levels. Sadly, they got burned by two uncharacteristically bad mistakes from Fiala (two more strides & he avoids an icing) and Parise’s remarkably selfish 1:33 shift with Fleury off for the extra attacker. Can’t do that vs team like Vegas.

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Quoted @gilesferrell

@RussoHockey He just flies by the bench when the puck gets in deep.

Inexcusable on Parise’s part. Just gross.

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Quoted @RussoHockey


Given Foligno had the puck behind the VGK net well into that shift, that is inexcusable on Parise’s part. Unreal.

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Why was Parise a) on the ice THAT long b) on the ice at all in this situation? GROSS.

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Great shift Zuccarello. Blocking shots, good stick.

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Kaprizov just muscled Mark Stone off the puck and made it look really easy.

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Bad icing on Fiala leads to a goal right off the ensuing face off. Bad mistake, especially given how well they’d been managing the puck the first 13 minutes of the period. Yuck.

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Man, terrible gap by Suter, then he gets walked for a grade A chance. Suter owes Talbot a frosty one for bailing him out there.

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Wild has / have to stay outta the box here in the 3rd #Analysis #PuckGuy

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Replying to @kari_wahlen: @_2244 Same...

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Jax is really fired up now after that rousing 4 goal Wild second period!

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Quoted @jzulgad

@_2244 How long did we call for the changes that led to this? How much fun is this too watch. This is why all of the 3, 9, 16, 22, 64 jerseys had to go.

So true. As someone among those who banged the drum loudest calling for change, I was ready to accept the rocky road that usually comes with roster turnover. Raise your hand if you expected to see this much this soon.


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Wild goal number 3: 🚨🚨🚨 #BoninoBoninoBoninoNickBoniiiiiinooooooooooo

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I can’t even keep up with this Wild team. Who are these guys?

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Two goals in 1:06 for a 2-1 Wild lead has Jackson energized

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