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The Zamundan Royal Family is streaming now on @PrimeVideo. #Coming2America

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Replying to @MsGladysKnight: The costumes !!! The color!!! The Culture!!!! #Coming2America @ZamundaRoyals

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McDowell’s Zamunda has been met with huge success, though there is debate on which location is best. Which McDowell’s would you want to visit?

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Our Family wishes a grand rising to you and the Royalty in your life. #Coming2America

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Getting dressed up for the watch party? Post a pic of your look, tag @zamundaroyals @uomabeauty & #Coming2America #sweepstakes for a chance to win an UOMA Beauty kit (ARV: $234.00)! Ends 9AM PT 3/6 NoPurchNec USonly 18+. See rules: . We will DM the winners.

The Royal Family wants to celebrate your Royal looks. 🔥

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Replying to @EnVogueMusic: Did y’all enjoy the #Coming2America Royal Watch Party on @PrimeVideo? @ZamundaRoyals

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Did y’all enjoy the #Coming2America Royal Watch Party on @PrimeVideo? @ZamundaRoyals

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John Legend Oha


Bringing the vocals in #Coming2America

Royal rumors have it that @johnlegend sings "She's Your Queen" to @chrissyteigen every night, as a lullaby.

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You can’t stop partying after all that. Honorary Royal @TiwaSavage is keeping it going IG Live. Starting at 7pm PT/10pm ET! #Coming2America

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As many tense “discussions” we’ve had with General Izzi, you cannot deny his family’s dance moves as a form of diplomacy. #Coming2America

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🎶We are family, I got Sexual Chocolate with me 🎶 Now plays throughout all the Palace halls. #Coming2America

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No true Royal function is complete without a sax solo. 🎷 #Coming2America

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King Akeem and Semmi would like it to be known they did not know Fresh Peaches and Sugar Cube would be taking the stage and there were no additional “incidents” 30 years ago. #Coming2America

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Our favorite band from America! 🍫We have no choice but to stan, as the kids say. #Coming2America

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A new era is upon our great nation! What a precious father-daughter moment. #Coming2America

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A whole Royal orchestra! 😭 King Akeem has always been a hopeless romantic. #Coming2America

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If there’s anything King Akeem understands it’s an act of true love. #Coming2America

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It should be noted that ride-share services do not exist in Zamunda. 🤷🏾‍♂️ #Coming2America

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Clearly, General Izzi doesn’t know who he’s messing with. 😤 #Coming2America

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The costumes !!! The color!!! The Culture!!!! #Coming2America @ZamundaRoyals

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