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We’re uniting unlikely allies with one common mission: respond to the climate crisis now. Enlist in the movement to achieve net zero carbon emissions.

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Both the labor and environmental justice movements are working class movements concerned with the outcomes of working class people — and President Biden is committed to fighting for their health, their safety, and their economic well-being.

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Replying to @dcexaminer: Mark Ruffalo addresses climate change, inclusion, and justice in his #GoldenGlobes speech:

"We have a dying mother, just l…

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Girls’ education is essential for climate progress.

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Quoted @RollingStone

Will America finally lead on climate?

.@ClimateEnvoy understands the urgency of the moment better than anyone — and he knows now is the time to act. Failure is not an option.

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“National security, environmental justice, scientific integrity, and the economy are just a few issues covered by the president’s sweeping climate strategy.”

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After 113 years of fighting the U.S. government and systemic racism, the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes are once again managing 18,800 acres of wildlands, and its resident bison herd.

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Mark Ruffalo addresses climate change, inclusion, and justice in his #GoldenGlobes speech:

"We have a dying mother, just like the mother in our story. She's Mother Earth, and we must come to balance with her and honor her, and she'll heal too."

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“As climate change worsens extreme weather events, we should expect more of these failures. Aging infrastructure built around 20th century weather patterns will be continually tested by the more extreme weather now becoming commonplace.”

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This could save millions of trees while also recycling a waste product. It doesn’t get any better than that!

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President Joe Biden’s first few weeks in office are a welcome change, but we’ve got to keep up the momentum

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These windows generate electricity thanks to microscopic ‘quantum dots’ that harvest solar energy.

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Amazing! This Kenyan recycles plastic waste into bricks stronger than concrete.

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Your daily reminder: A bout of cold weather doesn't cancel decades of warmer temperatures.

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Now is the time for bold action.

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The cost of inaction? Climate degradation and dim economic prospects.

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Why isn’t climate change treated as a scientific certainty?

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Looking for some inspiration? This NGO plans to reforest 2.4 million acre on either side of Brazil’s Araguaia and Tocantins rivers in the Amazon and Cerrado biomes.

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This climber and her team are tidying up the top of the world!

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The wind energy sector in the U.S. blew away records in 2020. 🙌

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World Premiere! @fp_coalition founder @RobertDowneyJr (aka Iron Man) interviews @JohnKerry on what America can do to galvanize global #ClimateAction. Watch it here ➡️ #ClimateAvengers #UniteForChange

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