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That's a wrap on the Twitch Participation Ceremony.

Thanks for participating with us each and every day.

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The spirit of giving was alive and well in 2020.

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You get a gold star! And you get a gold star!

Everyone gets a gold star during the Twitch Participation Ceremony:

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How long ago was your first day on Twitch?

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The epic moments never stopped.

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We may have been physically distant, but moments like these always brought us together.

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You showed up, you shared, and you participated.

Now it's time to celebrate.

The Twitch Participation Ceremony is live on .

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Replying to @TwitchRivals: King of the box fight ๐Ÿ‘‘

@TarikCohen popped off in the #StreamerBowl2 ft @FortniteGame Playoffs.

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King of the box fight ๐Ÿ‘‘

@TarikCohen popped off in the #StreamerBowl2 ft @FortniteGame Playoffs.

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Epic Moments, lots of gold stars, and you.

Come participate in our look back at the Twitch moments that stood out in 2020.

The Twitch Participation Ceremony starts January 23 at 1pm PT on .

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Rivalries fiercer than the biggest derbies on Earth.

Fan favorite @EASPORTSFIFA streamers will settle their scores on the pitch in a $50K tourney.

Earn Drops and catch the 12th Man reveal during the Twitch Rivals 12th Man Showdown - Jan. 26 at 10am PT/7pm CET on /TwitchRivals.

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Tune into today at 12pm to learn more about the policy and ask any last questions.

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Reminder! The updated Hateful Conduct & Harassment policy goes into effect on Friday, Jan. 22 at 10am PT.

We all play a part in making Twitch an incredible place to hang out. Read the policy here to help keep our home safe and welcoming for everyone:

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Mature adults: You can be anything you want when you grow up.

Us: So we joined a cult of cat people...

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Literally just a picture of @tommyinnit.

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Replying to @TwitchRivals: Itโ€™s time to drop into Week 4 of the #StreamerBowl2 ft @FortniteGame Playoffs!

@TarikCohen, @Ninja, & @Loserfruit take oโ€ฆ

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Itโ€™s time to drop into Week 4 of the #StreamerBowl2 ft @FortniteGame Playoffs!

@TarikCohen, @Ninja, & @Loserfruit take on @AustinEkeler, @aydan & @dedreviil in Trios while more surprises are in store in Zone Wars.


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We've got gold stars for some of the most notable people, moments and achievements of last year during the Twitch Participation Ceremony.

Come participate January 23 at 1pm PT on

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Every day's a brand new chance to pog.

Check Chat to see the daily PogChamps throughout the week.

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Survival at any cost.

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She's a morning person at heart, but gives her community the pog they need to go all day.

Today's PogChamp is ThatBronzeGirl.

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