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Ok I'ma try and secure a PS5 soon wish thy luck 🀞

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Y'all remember Dragonvale

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I have awakened to the fact

I rlly like m&m's

Like damn bro they're almost better than Smarties


I sort of like how the chocolate on the Smarties is a bit firmer when you bite in

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Idk if I've asked this before, but when do you personally think the PS5 will be easy to find

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Possible hot take: The Ring's fear factor was completely killed by overexposure. The buildup is still creepy af but the payoff's shock factor is completely gone, the only part that truly holds up is the "I Saw Her Face" scare

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Quoted @TommyDoyle47

Which horror movie do you prefer? πŸŽ₯
John Carpenter's Halloween 1978 or Wes Craven's A Nightmare on Elm Street 1984? πŸ”₯πŸŽƒπŸ”ͺ or πŸ”₯πŸ‘Ί

Halloween is better imo but I prefer Freddy in general

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Question time, is there any words that can fully destroy one's credibility with you in one go? For me there's a ton lol

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Quoted @BKIS2327

Ah #BNHA298


Chicken doctor Chicken doctor

Also how the fuck did Torino survive

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What's your favorite horror movie?

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Happy birthday to somebody

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Honestly if Nintendo put out a "Mii Maker Deluxe" software that was basically just Mii Maker with way more options I would pay for it

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Alright sooooo

Banner giveaway tmrw I wanna practice my stuff. If you want one all you gotta do is be following me and RT this, then comment below what you want πŸ‘€ even if you don't want one shares are appreciated lol

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Quoted @worldofmera

In the nicest way. How are people feeling about Amber returning as Mera in Aquaman 2? A lot of hurt feelings, a lot of ppl taking sides. Do you think Warner Bros shouldve taken more action? Do you think she should step down? Let's chat!

Honestly idrc too much, Depp lost his role cuz of the libel case, which Amber wasn't directly involved in. That being said I don't know enough about the situation to make any concrete statements

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Quoted @TogeReturna

Hey, the name's Toge! I'm just your average nerd and GFX designer, I hope we'll get along well! Some of my interests include
- Nintendo & Videogames in general
-Ace Attorney
-DC and Marvel
- Gunvolt
- Fighting Games

I want s'more moots hit me up if u like any of these too

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You have 30$ who're you picking?

Srry for the whack organization lol

#pokemon #Nintendo

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A bit of a vent, it rlly confuses me how ppl will say stuff like "just cuz I don't follow you back doesn't mean we aren't friends" and then will do stuff like "only mutuals can reply". Is being mutuals a sign of friendship or not?

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"I have power in this tribe" is possibly the worst thing you can say in Survivor tbh

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