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Cat's out of the bag... 🤐 Briana's Family Secret: A #TeenMom2 special begins right NOW on @MTV! Who's watching + tweeting along?

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In one week, our OGs are back and stronger than ever! 💪

Here’s a sneak peek at where we’re picking up with Maci and Cheyenne’s stories. Don’t miss next Tuesday’s season premiere of #TeenMomOG at 8/7c on @MTV! 📺

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Replying to @xobrianadej: Tonight !!!!!!

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Replying to @xobrianadej: My Stella 😂😂 she said fuck the fruit

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My Stella 😂😂 she said fuck the fruit

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Quoted @TeenMom

Well, @xobrianadej's secret is out! 🤫 What will she do when she gets this shocking DM? Find out on tonight's #TeenMom2 special at 8/7c!

Tonight !!!!!!

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You know and love @xobrianadej from #TeenMom2—but we’re about to get even *more* up close and personal with the DeJesuses! You won’t believe what’s ahead on tomorrow night’s special: Briana’s Family Secret. 🤯

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Our moms have bravely shared their stories for years, and have been important voices for awareness and those going through the same battles.

If you or someone you know is struggling with their emotional health, head to for ways to get help.

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When I hear Seasons 1-8 of #TeenMom2 are streaming now on #CBSAllAccess… I know how I’m spending this long weekend! 🥰

Kick back and relax with all of your favorite shows on @CBSAllAccess:

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Here come the waterworks! We're going to miss you lots, @ChelseaHouska. 💖 #TeenMom2

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Replying to @powertodecide: Has @ChelseaHouska's journey on @TeenMom over the last 10 years helped you get clear on what healthy relationships mean…

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That's a wrap on this season's Reunion! 🎬 Be here next Tuesday for our #TeenMom2 Special: Briana's Family Secret. 🙊

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Yes, yes, and YES. 🙌✨ #TeenMom2

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Has @ChelseaHouska's journey on @TeenMom over the last 10 years helped you get clear on what healthy relationships mean for you? #TeenMom2 @MTV #TalkingIsPower

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I'm not ready for this. 😭 #TeenMom2

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That makes... all of us, actually. 🙋‍♀️ #TeenMom2

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Growth. 👏 #TeenMom2

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Felt this, @KailLowry. 😩 #TeenMom2

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This is @xobrianadej's only goal. 🙏 #TeenMom2

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And we're back for Part 2! The #TeenMom2 Reunion begins right now on @MTV. 🔥

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The OGs aren’t just taking on a new year. They’re taking it like a MOTHER! 💪💥

#TeenMomOG returns with a new season Tuesday, January 26th on @MTV! 📺

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