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Started by Michelle Obama while at the White House, #ReachHigher encourages young people to complete their education & own their future.

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Replying to @Collegewise: This year's @FAFSA is asking for 2019 tax information, but what should you do if your finances were significantly impacted…

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This year's @FAFSA is asking for 2019 tax information, but what should you do if your finances were significantly impacted by #COVID19 in 2020? Here's a snippet from one of the recent Excellence in #College Counseling webinars about #financialaid. #highered @ReachHigher

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Sometimes our students don’t get accepted into the school that they thought was “the one” and that’s okay. Remind them that there’s always a place for them and their hard work has always been worth it. They are worth it.

📸: sophia.joan.short on IG

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"Through all the tragedy, people have come out of the woodwork with so any resources for students, for counselors, for everyone. There’s so much willingness to help and to empathize, it helps me remain optimistic." - @HarryNerenberg #EICC21

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"I believe that the kids are going to be alright. To really see how they’ve defied all types of odds, and have done it so well, I feel like I can take a breath. It makes it easier to do what I do every day." - Farah Parker #EICC21

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Thank you to everyone who joined us, @CommonApp, and @Collegewise for our Excellence in College Counseling webinar series! We'll close out today's webinar, and the four-part series, with a moment of hope from our 2020 & 2021 #EICC winners, Farah and Harry ⤵️✨

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Farah's bright spot? "Our students are peer-reviewing, sending information, and encouraging each other in their respective COVID ‘pods’ in a way I haven’t seen before. One will ask for a meeting, and the next day I’ll have follow-ups from everyone else in their ‘pod.'" #EICC21

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After 30 years of counseling, @HarryNerenberg says that while the profession has changed, students' motivation hasn't. "I don't send @CommonApp applications in the mail anymore, but the motivation, the hunger to succeed is still there. It always has been." #EICC21

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"I miss the sounds of students in the hallway. It's so nice to witness your students' accomplishments, and have it *not* be through a screen. I have some high fives queued up for when we're out of this." - Farah Parker, #EICC21 @discoveryhsf

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For @HarryNerenberg, searching for a bright spot amidst the last year means feeling inspired by his students. ➡️"I always knew they were tough and motivated, but their resilience this year has been astounding. Resilient in a way they've maybe never had to be before." #EICC21

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Our final #EICC21 webinar is kicking off now! Say hi to 2020 Excellence in College Counseling winner Farah Parker of @discoveryhsf, and representing the 2021 winners, @HarryNerenberg of @palmettoSHS. @srsowens & @MLL_CommonApp are moderating!

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In one hour, we get the distinct pleasure of hosting a conversation between the 2020 & 2021 Excellence in College Counseling winners! If you haven’t yet registered, there’s still time to join and hear from these counseling stars.🌟 @CommonApp @Collegewise

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@KIPPNortheast @BKRoberson2 Want to nominate a Black educator for our spotlight series? Use this link and we might choose your counselor or teacher for our next spotlight: 📸

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Our next #BlackHistoryMonth educator spotlight goes to Principal Brian Roberson of @KIPPNortheast in Texas 🌟Thank you Mr. Roberson for showing your students that they belong in every place they set foot into 🙌🏾

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In our recent #EICC21 webinar, Jessica Johnson from @scholarshipacad challenges us to think of #FAFSA through a longitudinal lens and to flex our financial aid muscles 💪

Join us for our next (and LAST) webinar tomorrow by registering here:

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Replying to @CommonApp: A message from Common App to those impacted by the winter storms in the southern region.

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Find a local, community-sourced compilation of resources in English and Spanish here:

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Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and everywhere experiencing extreme weather: you’re on our hearts and minds, and we want to help. Find your local @RedCross below. More resources in thread ➡️🧵

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Find your local @SalvationArmyUS here:

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A message from Common App to those impacted by the winter storms in the southern region.

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Quoted @BetterMakeRoom

This year, because of COVID-19, we’re hosting our #BeatingTheOdds Summit with a new video series! We invited a few friends to help us celebrate all of you going into your next chapter in life, so make sure to tune in to see how to make your time in college the best it can be 👩🏾‍💻

Make sure to tune in each week to our new video series and share it with the students in your life 📲 #BetterMakeRoom

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