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Seth takes #ACloserLook at the inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th President of the United States.

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The day has come: @SethMeyers takes #ACloserLook at President Joe Biden’s inauguration, and Donald Trump’s exit from Washington.

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“It's been a rollicking thing to see since January 6th that every day, there are new and very serious charges being brought against people who were part of the attack on the Capitol.” – @maddow

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On today's #LNSM Podcast: @maddow! Plus, @SethMeyers takes #ACloserLook at the end of the Trump presidency.

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Welp, Biden just found the letter Trump left him.

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Rachel @maddow breaks down what it will be like for President Biden stepping into this unique situation in America.

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.@SethMeyers and Rachel @Maddow swap their favorite stupid Trump scandals.

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Biden releasing the vaccine.

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“Hawley can go back to starring in his Patrick Bateman miniseries and Cruz can be remembered as Bigfoot Danny Zuko.” – @SethMeyers #ACloserLook

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“If Trump had spent four years golfing, ranting about low-flush toilets, and letting the experts do their job, there’d be a good chance he’d be setting off for a retirement of paid speeches and toilet endorsement deals.” – @SethMeyers #ACloserLook

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Here’s @SethMeyers deep dive on Trump’s farewell speech. #ACloserLook

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Biden was sworn in on the screenplay for The Irishman.

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This is literally the happiest Bernie has ever been.

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Biden talking to us like he just caught us with weed.

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Tonight, @SethMeyers welcomes @chrislhayes to discuss President Biden's inauguration! Plus, #ACloserLook at the beginning of a new era.

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This morning at the White House… #Inauguration2021

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Seth takes #ACloserLook at Trump's 𝙛𝙞𝙣𝙖𝙡 day in office.

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