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Replying to @Google: In the past year, “the first woman” was searched more than ever. For #WomensHistoryMonth, we’re celebrating the firsts and the…

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An overview of the work to build climate crisis resilience in @publico_es.

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Quoted @TechNetUpdate

TechNet is thrilled to welcome @Kent_Walker, SVP for Global Affairs and Chief Legal Officer of @Google, to our Executive Council!

Thanks. I'm excited to join TechNet’s Executive Council and look forward to working on policies that advance innovation and help our businesses and communities thrive. @TechNetUpdate

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To preserve a free and open web, digital advertising must put privacy front & center. That's why we’ve been working w/ the industry to build privacy-preserving tech and why we won’t be replacing 3P cookies w/ other identifiers that track you across the web

We build protections into every Google Account and the products you use every day. Now we’re working with others to help build a more privacy-centric web.

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In the past year, “the first woman” was searched more than ever. For #WomensHistoryMonth, we’re celebrating the firsts and the many they inspire. See more firsts and learn about Google’s commitments to gender equality at #FirstOfMany

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Quoted @NatUrbanLeague

Today, we mourn the loss of Vernon Jordan, president of the National Urban League from 1971-1981. Mr. Jordan was one of our nation's greatest champions of racial & economic justice, and our organization would not be where it is today without him.

I'm deeply sorry to hear about the loss of Vernon Jordan, a tireless spirit who was a champion of the civil rights movement and an inspiration to all Americans. Here’s @googlearts’ profile of a great leader.

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Strong privacy protections can create collateral benefit, like using anonymized data to help predict outbreaks & keep people safe.

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We’ve just published our 2020 Environmental Report, outlining progress against industry-leading goals. See Ruth Porat’s blog for the details.

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Quoted @GoogleStartups

From representing her roots as Country Manager of @Google Poland 🇵🇱 to advocating for #startups around the world as Global Director of Google for Startups, our very own @AgniBieniek shares her journey as a Googler, just in time for #WomensHistoryMonth

Agnieszka Hryniewicz-Bieniek, our trailblazing Google for Startups leader, has helped create accelerator programs for female founders and vets, the Black Founders Fund, and social impact startups. @GoogleStartups

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Proud of @googlecloud’s work in Rhode Island with @GovRaimondo to help residents get back to work through a virtual career center (with an Ocean State bot named Skipper).

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To kick off Women’s History Month, here’s a joint venture between @googlearts and the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art of #Rome bringing together works by female artists across generations.

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Thanks to @googleorg for helping launch , a privacy-protecting data platform that will let researchers from across the globe access data quickly and easily, maybe helping fight future epidemics.

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We will also continue to work with governments and stakeholders looking at collaborative ways to support high-quality journalism. See:

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We appreciate the recognition by the Australian Government of efforts by Google and news industry efforts to engage in commercial negotiations for News Showcase outside of the Code instead of requiring payment for links and snippets.

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We’re grateful to the many people who engaged in the AU process to ensure the web remains a generative platform for creating and sharing information. We will continue to stand up for a free and open web that works the same way for everyone.

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We have consistently asked that legislative proposals avoid breaking the web’s fundamental principle of it being free and easy to link to websites.

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We’ve had programs in place for many years to make significant financial investments in the future of journalism. Google News Showcase builds on this work and more than 500 publications, including more than 70 in AU, have signed up.

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.@Google and many others have consistently pointed out that the ability to link freely to other sites is at the heart of the architecture of the open web and of any search engine built upon it.

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Following long-running discussions with publishers and the Australian Government on the News Media Bargaining Code, we now have a path forward that enables payments to be made to news publishers through Google News Showcase, instead of requiring payment for links.

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As the world economy recovers from a global pandemic, see @Karan_K_Bhatia’s blog on the critical need for a lasting framework to support cross-border trade and investment. #G20

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