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Quoted @CarolLeonnig

NEWWWWS -- Michael Flynn's brother was on the call and resisting emergency pleas for the National Guard when the Capitol was under attack Jan. 6. The Army falsely denied it for weeks. me w the greats: @DanLamothe @PaulSonne @byaaroncdavis

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Quoted @joesbigidea

Today we're highlighting Alex Ip (@alexip718)!

A 2020 highlight for Alex was interviewing Dr. Karen Mak, Hong Kong's premier science communicator, for @TheXylom!

#SciComm #ScicommersHighlights2020

Please watch

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Quoted @thexylom

NEW: @kiara_bellido wanted to know whether her mental health condition needs to be rediagnosed. But first, she has to get her alcohol addiction out of the way (TW: Substance abuse)

#womeninstem #recovery #mentalhealthmatters #xforxylom

Amazing young man

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Quoted @nycsouthpaw

Fox News insisted its settlement with Seth Rich’s family stay secret until after the presidential election.

Sue Fox news for incting riot by lying about election fraud #insurrection #Inauguration2021 #FoxNews

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Quoted @arawnsley

The FBI says Gieswein "appears to be affiliated with the radical militia group known as the Three Percenters." Working with @jsrailton, we found similar evidence. Here's a picture of Gieswein from his now-deleted Facebook page posing in front of CO Rep Lauren Boebert's bar

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Quoted @CarolLeonnig

The Fuller Story: Man stopped with Glock and 500 rounds of ammo near Capitol was private security guard, his family says. He was not accused of showing phony credentials - but a "non-govt." credential -and an officer decided he wasn't authorized to enter.

He still wasn't supposed to be in the authorized zone #SaturdayThoughts #saturdaynight

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Quoted @GoAngelo

3/ Lindell appealed to Trump to intervene and stop inauguration to protect him/other Trump supporters from being attacked: "And all the people like myself, they've attacked my company...And, I told the president, think what's gonna happen if we let this inauguration go through?"

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Quoted @GoAngelo

2/ Biggest new info: one of documents Lindell gave Trump said Trump had the legal authority to force Facebook/Twitter/etc to restore everyone's social media accounts.

According to Lindell, Trump liked it and wanted/tried (?) to do it. But NSA Dir. Rober O'Brien stopped it.

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Quoted @RexChapman

My Pillow Guy last week AFTER the insurrection (on his private jet) .

From Parler before it shut down...

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Quoted @WormsUSA

@StevenTDennis Orchestrate a Capitol attack.
Put troops in place.
Declare Martial law.
Troops back Trump.
Senate removes power.
Troops become divided.
Civil war.

General Flynn & General West

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Quoted @baconcookie

This plus the My Pillow guy means Kash Patel for CIA is part of Trump's coup plan.

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Quoted @jdawsey1

zoom in and read folks!

Another coup attempt by Trump #FridayThoughts #FridayFeeling #FridayVibes

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Quoted @jabinbotsford

@MyPillowUSA CEO Michael Lindell shows off his notes before going into the West Wing at the White House on Friday, Jan 15, 2021 in Washington, DC.

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Quoted @ECMcLaughlin

So two white men went undercover as OAN reporters on Jan 6th in DC.

They thought they were going to make a comedy video.

This is 40 mins that is worth your time.

I want to tag every influential voice who follows here but instead I'll just say: WATCH.

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Quoted @JackMurphyRGR

Special Forces veteran and former CIA GRS contractor Casey Gray met with 4 Republican Congressmen a day prior to the insurrection at the Capitol which he was present for, watching rioters breach the entrance.

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Replying to @MichaelSSmithII: “We won by sending a message to the Senators and the Congressmen. We won by sending a message to Pence. ... That, if t…

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“We won by sending a message to the Senators and the Congressmen. We won by sending a message to Pence. ... That, if they don’t do ... as their oath to do— If they don’t uphold the Constitution, then we will remove them from office—one way, or another.”

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