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Twin brothers Dan and Dean Caten started @Dsquared2 in 1995.

Now, more than a quarter century after their debut, the Caten brothers reflect on the standout moments of their 25-year legacy—and their love for the women who helped them earn it.

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#LihiKornowski, the Israeli actress who stars as Sophie on #LosingAlice, speaks with @DiegoBoneta about their shared musical past, the success of foreign language TV, and how #DavidLynch films are wonderfully “fucked up.”

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The Iranian-American director @tonyzfilms has released @transintheus, a four-part documentary series.

Below, he and @tracelysette discuss the importance of trans representation and how Gen Z is ushering in a more inclusive and hopeful future.

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On the occasion of @DanielArsham's latest exhibit at @galerieperrotin, "Time Dilation," he opened the doors of his studio for "Interview" to talk about his career, his toys, and to remind us that after all, boys just wanna have fun.

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Photographer #PierreAngeCarlotti and our Creative Director #MelOttenberg throw a party for one, starring the model Jazzelle, who goes by "UGLYWORLDWIDE" on her popular Instagram account.

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The decision to play #BillieHoliday in #USvsBillieHoliday was not one that @AndraDayMusic made lightly.

Her approach was so all-encompassing that when her costar @nlyonne called to discuss their new film, it was the first time she heard her natural voice.

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Replying to @nationalbook: It's Friday and it's a great time to read this conversation between #NBAwards Longlister @Isabelwilkerson and @KenBurns o…

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Welcome to #ClubMel, a weekly ode to vampire kisses, candy flipping, and all things going out.

This week: our Creative Director #MelOttenberg brings the party inside with his list of the top 10 party scenes in modern cinema.

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"History doesn't repeat itself, but it rhymes"

#KenBurns and #IsabelWilkerson on moving forward by looking back.

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In 2018, siblings Andrea and Edouard Leret started their eponymous cashmere label, @leretleret, as a celebration of their own patchwork heritage.

Below, they trace the evolution of their emerging cult label.

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It's Friday and it's a great time to read this conversation between #NBAwards Longlister @Isabelwilkerson and @KenBurns on storytelling, reaching people, and much more @InterviewMag

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“Whose side are you on? Daft or Punk?"

Below, a new @talkhole. Harder, better, Talk-er, Hole-r.

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For our March issue, #AddisonRae spoke with our Creative Director #MelOttenberg about fashion and fame.

In the spirit of performance, we asked the 20-year-old #TikTok star to review a bunch of hoodies from Balenciaga, Moncler, Moschino, and more.

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Quoted @InterviewMag

Emmy winner @KenBurns, a peerless chronicler of American life and the co-director of the new @PBS docuseries #Hemingway, sits down with the journalist and author of #Caste @Isabelwilkerson to discuss the power of looking back while moving forward.

Replying to @KenBurns: So pleased to join @Isabelwilkerson in this conversation with @InterviewMag @PBS

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So pleased to join @Isabelwilkerson in this conversation with @InterviewMag @PBS

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#TheWalkingDead actor @HilarieBurton discusses filming alongside her husband @JDMorgan, producing a documentary about the Wilmington 1898 massacre, and living in an apocalypse within an apocalypse.

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She’s the highest-paid entertainer on #TikTok with lucrative endorsement deals, a line of cosmetics, and millions of fans. But what @whoisaddison really wants to do is act. 🎬

Below, Rae discusses fame and fashion with our creative director #MelOttenberg.

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Happy Birthday, #ChelseaHandler!

Below, revisit her conversation with #MarthaStewart where they discuss the hilarious journey of becoming a better person.

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"When we beat them, it’s going to be quite a day in Central Brooklyn." - #MichaelHollingsworth

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.@iamcardib is our March cover star!

As she puts the finishing touches on her highly anticipated sophomore album, the self-described “strip-club @MariahCarey" still needed a little pep talk. Which is why we put her in touch with the real one.

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