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Dir. of @HutchinsCenter, African & African American Research & Alphonse Fletcher University Professor, @Harvard. #FindingYourRoots Season 7 - Tuesdays on @PBS

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Review | Peter Sacks is one of the most compelling artists in America. But he didn’t find his voice until late in life.

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The Alabama @amazon Union Drive Could Be the Most Important Labor Fight in the South in Decades:

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Proud to partner w/ @umd_arhu, @Matrix_MSU, & others on , an expanding, open-source architecture which discovers, connects, & visualizes millions of data points related to the historical slave trade.
@StevenJNiven1 @DaryleWilliams

is a vital collaborative project that the @HutchinsCenter is extremely proud to be part of.

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I’m excited to talk with Christa Clark, for Senior Curator of African Art @NewarkMuseumArt this Friday @ 1pm for @DuBoisResFellow alum series @HutchinsCenter. “Party Time” by #yinkashonibarecbe was incredible and Christa has written beautifully about the installation!

Tomorrow at 1pm. The @HutchinsCenter @DuBoisResFellow Alumni Reading Series has been on fire this semester!

Register / More Info:

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REMINDER: Today at 4pm, @jehsmith will speak on 'Anton Wilhelm Amo and the Connected Histories of Early Modern African and European Philosophy'

Part of the W. E. B. Du Bois Virtual Lecture Series


The @HutchinsCenter W. E. B. Du Bois Virtual Lecture Series continues today at 4pm with @jehsmith.

Register / More Info:

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The Hutchins Center mourns the passing of Vernon Jordan, 'a giant of our times.'

You were truly one of a kind, my friend. I will miss you.

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..Vernon Jordan was a hero to our people and to all people who cherish racial equality, social justice, and economic opportunity. His passing is a sad day in American history.

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..A lion in the Civil Rights Movement, he then boldly pioneered the integration of the corporate board room, as surely as Rosa Parks and Dr. King integrated the buses in Montgomery...

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Vernon Jordan’s passing marks the end of a glorious era in our people’s history, an era that his courage and wisdom and vision did so much to shape...

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Replying to @HutchinsCenter: For #WomensHistoryMonth , find out more about women leaders in #TheBlackChurch in the African American National Biograp…

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For #WomensHistoryMonth , find out more about women leaders in #TheBlackChurch in the African American National Biography #JarenaLee #NannieHelenBurroughs @OUPAcademic @PBS @HenryLouisGates

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“Before it was Martin’s dream, it was Prathia’s prayer.” Martin Luther King Jr. met Prathia Hall in a mass meeting where she shared her vision for the world through the phrase “I have a dream”. Watch this moment from #BlackChurchPBS. Now streaming on-demand.

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#BlackChurchPBS trivia time! Did you know @KirkFranklin’s song “Stomp” was the first gospel song in history to top the @Billboard R&B hip-hop charts? You can learn more by streaming my latest documentary now here:

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Replying to @JourneysinFilm: .@eji_org is committed to ending mass incarceration, challenging racial and economic injustice, and protecting human…

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In one of our biggest surprises, @Clint_Black learns that he is 1% Sub-Saharan African, which is equivalent to a fourth or fifth great grandparent of full Black African ancestry. Watch more #FindingYourRoots DNA discoveries at

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The Black Church debuts on @NYTimes bestseller list, during its first week out at #13! Thank you for the continuous ongoing support! I hope you're enjoying it. #BlackChurchPBS @PenguinBooks

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Tommorrow at 1pm: @bcsinche in conversation with with Hollis Robbins about the new edition of 'Appointed' that Sinche co-edited with Eric Gardner. Part of the @DuBoisResFellow alumni reading series.


Join the @HutchinsCenter and @DuBoisResFellow tomorrow afternoon for this conversation with Hollis Robbins and @bcsinche, co-editor of the new edition of 'Appointed'.

More info / Register:

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“It makes me feel like a badass” was @RosanneCash’s reaction when she found out she shares an identical stretch of DNA with @ImAngelaBassett. Two badass cousins, indeed! #FindingYourRoots

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4 Art Gallery Shows to See Right Now. (via @nytimes)

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.@eji_org is committed to ending mass incarceration, challenging racial and economic injustice, and protecting human rights for the most vulnerable. Learn more with your students by watching @WBHomeEnt’s @JustMercyFilm. #JustMercy

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Take an inside look at my upcoming documentary about the continued cultural influence of the Black Church and the impacts the congregation has had on the Black community. Mark your calendars for #BlackChurchPBS on February 16 and 17, only on @PBS!

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