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Depending on how work goes today and tomorrow, I’m planning to stream our nuzlocke today after work (might be on the shorter side) and tomorrow more Minecraft :)

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Replying to @sweeetanj: Bernie was clearly meant for greatness.

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Quoted @PangCake22

@sweeetanj The more i see Senator Bernie Sander's sitting meme, the more i think he is channeling his inner Architect. The only thing missing is a set of microwaving turret.

Bernie was clearly meant for greatness.

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Sorry ive not been streaming again. Kinda needed a couple days to myself and been mainly just hanging out with my brother. I should be back tomorrow with the next Pokémon stream :)

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Sorry for the sudden end of stream. Work stuff came up and I got really anxious and couldn’t really focus. I’ll make up to you guys tomorrow

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Might do some chill Minecraft tonight. Finish building my house and so mining for a bit :)

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Tho the Minecraft server if a online one and it’s possible friends might be on, I think for streaming I’m gonna focus more on solo games. It’s so hard to get a group of people for a stream sometimes, even playing off stream as well it’s difficult.

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So instead of promising group streams and having to cancel last minute cos people cancelled last minute, I’m just gonna do solo stuff. Stardew with my friend will still happen when we’re both free tho.

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well i took melatonin last night. slept 8:30-1:20. its now 3 am and i havent been able to go back to sleep. work is gonna be ROUGH. if im not too tired, i should be streaming today :) i'll keep ya updated

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Replying to @ChilledChaos: 🎮3X NINTENDO SWITCH GIVEAWAY!🎮

It's January, lets Switch Things up! We have 3 Different Nintendo Switches to giveaway! M…

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It's January, lets Switch Things up! We have 3 Different Nintendo Switches to giveaway! More Consoles = More Winners :D

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I’ve finally got a new computer chair coming in! For a while now I’ve been using a shitty chair that isn’t straight. For whatever reason, the back was always slightly leaning back giving my back no support thus causing a bunch of back problems. Hoping this chair is better

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LMAO i know why chat wasnt showing up in streamlabs OBS. i forgot to update my streamkey after my name change. i dont know HOW it still allowed me to stream but it did. hopefully next time it'll be all fixed <3

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chill minecraft is fun :) im gonna try doing it at least once per week. thanks for stopping by <3

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It’d be cool if we got the gba/ds games ported to the switch, even if that’s means no new Pokémon game this year.

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I keep dreaming that my hair has grown back and I’m always disappointed when it’s not ;-;

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So with Minecraft, I’m hoping for it to be a permanent thing on the channel. To do some cool builds with friends, defeat some bosses and so on. The biggest ‘problem’ is getting everyone together lol we’re all busy with work and different sleep schedules.

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My sleep is so fucked lol on my days off, I end up staying up really late to hang out with friends online. So when I have to go to sleep early, I can’t. Which leads to such shitty sleep 😭

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Sunday - Minecraft
Monday - Pokémon
Tuesday - (maybe) Hades
Wednesday - no
Thursday - maybe stardew valley but if not pokemon
Friday - no
Saturday - (maybe) Pokémon or hades
Again, this is just my plans and things might change :) I’ll let you know 💜

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No stream this weekend, gonna just play games with friends and hang with my brother. Need some chill time :) streams SHOULD be back up Monday

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