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I see a film in the cinema every day and will now try to say only nice things about them. Check out my Instagram for the rest.
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#NowWatching The Murderer / The Yellow Sea (2010)

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Let's take a moment out of our busy days to remember the plight of those who, after this Friday, will no longer be able to post spoilers for #Wandavision 😔

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Any thoughts on the Carpenter classic The Fog (1980)?

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Quoted @syndrome22q1

- I have a disability which is called 22q Syndrome
Even tho i am Different i am curious to see how many people watching this will say hello to me using the hashtag #HeyJustin id love to get hellos from millions of people from around the world. Retweet!

#HeyJustin from Paris! 🤝

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Quoted @Variety

Chloe Zhao on #Nomadland star Frances McDormand: "She just has so much curiosity and so much vigor... Her being one of the best actresses of our time isn't just her craft, but also her as a person."

I still remember seeing Frances McDormand in Blood Simple and thinking what a talented young woman she was. I don't think I've ever seen a film with her where she wasn't at the top of her game.

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#Wolfwalkers is a bright ink transfusion that fills you with life.

A gorgeous animated feature with a heart as big as the countryside and as pure as the Irish forests, Wolfwalkers has a story for the kids, poetry for the adults, and magic enough for everyone. Strong #recommend

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#TheMisandrists (2017) is when your feminist art film grows teeth and thinks it can take over the world... I'm just dying to be its first victim! Strong #recommend

#supportindiefilm @BruceLaBruce

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"[Space Oddiy] was, and still is, the first music video ever created in space."

Wow, I wonder how long it will be the first music video in space...

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#Her (2013) is the story of a long distance relationship between two very human people (well, one very human person and a writer). Strong #recommend

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#AloisNebel (2011) Drawn out Czech markings on the politics of expulsion and ghosts

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Quoted @phoebe_bridgers

hot people who eat croissants are dangerous

Non seqtwitter is very strong today

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Quoted @JarettSays

Reminder: Michelle Pfeiffer whipped the heads off those four mannequins IN ONE TAKE to thunderous applause from the Batman Returns crew!

Like to see Sean Young do that... 😉😅

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Quoted @thedailyjaws

Why #JohnWilliams will always be a #legend (watch til the end). ❤️

#Happybirthday #jaws #starwars

This content right here

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It woke up with a hangover, smoked a bowl and vegged on the sofa all day so it could grow up to be as mediocre as possible. And it succeeded with brio. So, if you're going to judge this film, and you will, please remember: it succeeded in being exactly what it set out to be.

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Is Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda is good film? Hell no, of course not. Did it want to be? Did it try to be? Did it wake up in the morning, eat its Wheaties, study hard and go to film school so it could grow up to be a great film? Not even close...

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Of course I believe in God! Here she is covering a BeeGee's song in 1967...

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Like an Afghani-Irish stew, #SpaceSweepersNetflix is convoluted with some tasty, if predictable, bits.

This Directflix sci-fi space opera stands apart from the rest of the fleet thanks to  its stellar cast, insane production value and Oscar worthy special effects.


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Happy Valentine's Eve

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#Snow outside my apartment in #Paris this morning...

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