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#BlackClover will be right back on #Toonami 😆 😆

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We all know that if Yami retires the Black Bulls, Noelle is gonna run them next

#BlackClover #Toonami

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At least she got something in return. I mean...she did get screwed by Licht/Patry during the elf invasion thing and she did take the Black Bulls to the Capital...so...talk about a favor in return. #BlackClover #Toonami #BlogAllTheTime

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Do you mind if i draw your blood?

And can i have your heart, lungs &
Eyeballs too?
#BlackClover #Toonami

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Ok I SERIOUSLY HATE how Gauche loves his sister WAY too much! I swear to god there better NOT be ANY fan fics written of those 2!!


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.@kreggdailey Alice forced Akira to team up with her without his consent after she asked Jun's permission to sign the application📝which really made him pissed off🤬We're on episode 40 on #Toonami next week #FoodWars

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Honestly, Sally's fucking adorable now that she's essentially on the heroes' side. #BlackClover #Toonami

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