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New w/ @wjhenn: Pro-Trump groups openly boasted about plans to storm the Capitol for weeks (months)

Police & law enforcement didn't miss some big plot - they ignored the seriousness of the threat of domestic far-right extremists, as they've done for years

Much of today's Capitol security hearing is framing Jan. 6 as an "intelligence failure," which makes little sense. This was planned in plain sight for months, Trump's incitement was public - as we reported last month, it was just not taken seriously.

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Coming up shortly on @BBCWorld to talk about what we did (not) learn in today’s Capitol security Senate hearing.

And read @LissandraVilla ⬇️

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.@wjhenn and I wrote this on 01/05: "To Trump’s most fervent supporters (incl. militias and far-right extremists) Wednesday is seen as the day to mount a “final stand” to keep the President in power...touting the date as a decisive moment for his supporters to show their loyalty"

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@RicoSuaveJD @rayleengale @VeraMBergen I know. Every one I know had popcorn ready. It was weeks in planning and promotion. Bullshit to these guys who quit rather than correcting the problem. They were told to standby so the president could make a point. A sideways illegal point.

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@TheresaKl_ @VeraMBergen I saw it prior to 2016 when Trump won the GOP ticket 🤦🏼‍♀️

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@VeraMBergen I saw it coming in December.

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Ultimately, despite meticulous training and contingency plans for a host of scenarios from terrorist attacks to biohazards, the Capitol Police was unprepared when the threat arrived in the form of a mob of mostly white men carrying flags

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@VeraMBergen @carriecordero Everyone knew. It was all over the press and SM.

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@VeraMBergen anyone on social media saw it coming

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