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 1 week ago

जो यही सोचकर भयभीत रहता है
कि कहीं हार ना जाए ,
वो निश्चित रूप से हारेगा .... :)

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@Manish_Inventor @AnupamPKher Shai hai Bhai 👍

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@R_K_Rahul @AnupamPKher नही बोलेंगे
वे जब तुम्हारे उम्र के थे तब सरकार ने उनको नौकरी नही दिया था, वे खुद के हुनर के बल पर आगे बढे थे ।

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@AnupamPKher सभी अंधभक्त एक ही मंच पर बहुत मुश्किल से नया वीडियो मिला है फैला दो ।

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 1 week ago

@AnupamPKher 😭😭😭

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@AnupamPKher जय श्री राम जय हनुमान

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@AnupamPKher Unemployment pr kb bolo ge sir 🙄

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@AnupamPKher बहा के पसीना मंजिल को पाना पडता है...
तरक्कीयां दहेज में नही मिलती
इन्हें कमाना पड़ता है~

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@AnupamPKher नसीब पढ़ने वाले कई पैदा हुए,
लेकिन लिखने वाले कि लिखावट,
कोई ठीक से समझ नही पाया..)✍🙏

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#OnceUponATime there was a place called Claire House, where magicalmemories were made & the staff loved dressing up as their favourite book characters…

We hope all our families, volunteers, staff & supporters enjoy dressing up this #WorldBookDay.

We'd ❤️ to see your costumes!

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To celebrate #WorldBookDay, Royal Mail have dedicated a postbox to Julia Donaldson and Lydia Monks' wonderful What the Ladybird Heard series. Here's @LydiaMonks with the postbox in Sheffield!

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"We’re taking #WorldBookDay as an opportunity to launch an important book fundraiser…but we need your help! 📚 Find out more > https://t.c..." by teapigs

If you have enjoyed this update please download our app:

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World book day while homeschooling!!

Hell yes we dressed up!! #Ginny, #Luna and #Voldey

And followed teacher rules on masks!

(This is also not just an excuse to show my wizarding world Lego shelves btw.....) #WorldBookDay @jk_rowling

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Happy #WorldBookDay!! We're thankful for all of the incredible public libraries in our communities! They do so much for so many! ❤️ 📚❤️

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It's #WorldBookDay so enjoy an excerpt from Rowing Tales 2020 by @RebeccaCaroe #RowingReading #StoryTelling

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"Diversity is a powerful instrument" to amplify @UNPeacekeeping's ability to create peace

📻 Hear @aruggeri_eu discuss his, @_vincenzobove & @ruffa_chiara's: Composing Peace #WorldBookDay #OxfordUniAuthors 14/n

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