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Replying to @juicycouture: So Iconic

Replying to @juicycouture: So Iconic

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So Iconic

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@ConceptualJames Do you know what is Not vague and Not nonspecific?


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A Closer Look at Nike's Upcoming Air Max 2090 EOI. 👇👇

#MasculinitySaturday #Penthouse2Ep6 #superstraight #YouthWithYou3iQiyi #corkprotest #YelloIndependence #HandeErcel #FreeFiteHotShot2 #itfc

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@giufuliafa @IUDuncertainty This is exactly why #superstraight was created.

You religious assholes keep demonizing us, so we make a new x, then you claim we’re excluding you, fucking invade us push us out, or have x banned, and the cycle continues.

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I'm so moved by all the brave and stunning folks coming out as #supergay, #superlesbian and - most courageously of all - #superstraight

I too am #superstraight and I stand with all my #super sisters and brothers.


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#superstraight so people literally made a sexuality to cover up how transphobic they are. don’t ever fucking talk to me if you say this about yourself. it’s disgusting and you’re a piece of shit.

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