Replying to @dugreenn: sem condições

Replying to @dugreenn: sem condições

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 2 weeks ago

sem condições

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Trying this out this week. The one at the bottom to clarify. #MondayMotivation

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My #MondayMotivation is making origami boxes for a @SoulBoxProject installation in Annapolis this March to raise awareness of the U.S. gunfire epidemic & its impact on Maryland. Each Soul Box holds space for one life lost or injured by gun violence. @MomsDemand #MDPolitics

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#mondaymotivation Together we create magic!

1.5 million Britons have reported not eating for a whole day because they’ve had no money or access to food.

Thanks @Runn1ngMad for donating 200 meals for #homeless friends and rough sleepers!

#theanfieldtourist #thewanderinglondoner

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Determined. Motivated. And Highly Educated. I’m One Step Closer To Making My Dreams Come True, One Day At A Time. #Goals #Motivation #MondayMotivation 💯

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Presented by 5 Star Midsouth 2021 National @alex__qualls from @LAMustangBB throwing absolute filth over the weekend. The @VSCCPioneersBSB commit is in for a “big” Spring! #MidSouthMaFia

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If you feel alarmed after reading this, we don't blame you... Give yourself the peace of mind knowing you are only drinking pure and clean water with Unlimited Pure Water! #cleanwater #mondaymotivation #didyouknow #purewater #EPA

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