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Michelle and I are thinking of everyone across the country braving the winter storms this week. Here’s an overview of how you can help—or, if you’re in Texas, where you can go to stay warm or get support. 

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@Xando45190324 @BarackObama Too much time on your dam hands.

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@AFrogEmoji @BarackObama I’m not Obama but Hi.

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@BarackObama The best president ever ❤️❤️

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@BarackObama hi obama

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@BarackObama bestie follow back

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@BarackObama Gonna meet covfefe in Florida?

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@Syndronyx @LapinDeFluff @IUDuncertainty Well #superstraight #supergay #superlesbians #superbi are making it very clear WHO they are attracted to.

NO means NO.

If you want a relationship being honest is a good place to start.

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I can not believe that these #superstraight people have created a group, around a sexual preference, with a FLAG, the segregated them from everyone else!!!

Oh,,, wait.... that's happened 29 times already.

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You just know that anyone who "identifies" as #superstraight is a JKR supporter 🙄

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Funny how the #superstraight people say their "orientation" has nothing to do with transphobia but the overwhelming majority of people who "identify" that way do not consider trans people real men/women and are defenders of biological sex 🤔

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#superstraight ? More like Supershit 😼👊🏻

I'm Non-binary and Bisexual. I'm a autistic artist and I draw whatever I feel like! 😳👐🏻✨

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#superstraight at the door of LGBTQ+ ... that's what the + means, right? :-D

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