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Show some love for small businesses! Reply with your fave small biz using #BigConcertSmallBiz & they can get a shoutout at Verizon’s Big Concert for Small Business on Sunday after #SBLV! Tune into @Verizon on Twitter to watch me perform LIVE at 11pm ET/8pm PT 🎀❀️ #VerizonPartner

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 3 weeks ago

@cheztinax So many colors we can't make up (πŸ˜‰) our minds which one is our favorite!

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@xtina @Verizon GOOOO GIRL πŸš€

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@xtina @Verizon Shadow Moon Cosmetics @shadowmoonco / cruelty free & vegan / woman owned & ran / affordable high quality products πŸ₯° #BigConcertSmallBiz

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 3 weeks ago

@xtina @Verizon give us a hint of what you might be performing, queen

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@xtina @Verizon Queens

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@xtina @Verizon YAS QUEEN!

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@xtina @Verizon Drop the album luv

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Is it really your best friend if he doesn’t scream @xtina β€˜s songs with you??? πŸŽ€πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ€

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Nature or nurture? Tessa comes from a long line of women who have trouble mothering, due to mental illness or emotional neglect from their own mothers. She suffers from OCD and is easy prey for a deadly seducer from within her family's closest circles. #PitMad #A Psych #T

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a GORGEOUS, SWEEPING novel abt the narrator & the US coming of age. Cousins who feel like siblings, a career in photography, masculinity, abuse. "This was my entire impression of war: a long litany of individual violences punctuated by politeness & minor misses" #PitMad

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Q is taking a break from U and setting off to make some new words of his own. But creating and promoting words is hard work and he is lonely without his buddy U. Maybe being a part of a team isn’t so bad. #pitmad #PB #C

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#PitMad #PB
Four good friends lived in a house:
Monkey, Penguin, Mole and Mouse.
Until one day a strong wind blew.
β€œOh no!” they wailed. β€œWhat shall we do?”

Unable to agree what kind of house is best, each makes their own perfect house-then discovers what truly makes a home

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When an EMP wipes out civilization a family of four fights for survival. Dad and Sis are both away and each must fight their way home, while Mom and Bro prepare the house for the chaotic future the EMP guarantees. Book 1 of 4. #pitmad #ya

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Anyone want a retweet? Comment below and we'll share. #PitMad

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Dawson Fields killed himself and took his secrets with him. Emery knows the truth, but no one is ready to hear it. Sometimes the truth demands to be seen. #MH #CON #PITMAD #YA

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Hard-partying, closeted Victor Adewale makes a deal with his father: clean up his act and dad will pay for him to move out of their Indiana town. Easy enough, until $10,000 goes missing from Victor's Hot Topic-esque mall store, leaving him the prime suspect #PitMad #A #LGBT #POC

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