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 3 weeks ago

You will rarely have a revaluation by asking questions to prove yourself right. Your odds go up significantly if your effort is directed toward proving yourself wrong.

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 3 weeks ago

@Seal_JDLaw @bashycrypto @aplusk @Ripple he's probably in jail

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@aplusk Hey Ashton, the 1st time I heard about @Ripple and $XRP was from you. How come you’re not out advocating for them now when they could use an influential voice like yours the most?

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 3 weeks ago

@aplusk Truth.

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 3 weeks ago

@aplusk Hmmm....

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@aplusk In December of 1998 my father took his own life. I’ve published a book about the aftermath during my teenage years. This book is filled with laughs, but also delves into depression and mental health issues. Anything you can do to help would be appreciated!

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 3 weeks ago

@aplusk Why should I waste my time proving myself wrong? There are plenty of those willing to do that work.

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 3 weeks ago

@aplusk Thank you so much for showing theres still decent people left🥺💞

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 3 weeks ago

@aplusk High. Had to read it 3 times. Like it.

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@aplusk i honestly love this quote. put it in a quote book

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@aplusk what if i don’t wanna

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@aplusk 👇🏽😭😂💀

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That 20s Show Ep 13 - Garbage Women

(That 70s Show Reboot) 🚨🚨

Should women always change baby’s diapers? Are men and women always expected to fulfill certain roles? Watch to see what the gang has to say!

Full Ep:

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News; $MORF #RedSea @CbXprod $MORF $GETH $ASTI #MWN

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@sarahmc24 I hope this isn’t about me being apprehensive because of Watt’s injury past. I’m excited as well! He can hopefully mentor Fotu and that front 7 can definitely benefit from him. Especially Simmons. #RedSea

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Russell Wilson seeing the Cardinals sign JJ Watt #RedSea

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Defensive lineman J.J. Watt agrees to terms with the Arizona Cardinals

Thoughts? #RedSea #AZCardinals via @azcentral

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YES!!! LETS GOOOOO!!!! #RedSea

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Sorry to tell you Cardinals fans but it’s not 2014 anymore 😬 JJ Watt doesn’t make you guys super bowl contenders.
#RedSea #NFLTwitter

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