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TIME's new cover: Amanda Gorman in conversation with Michelle Obama, Ibram X. Kendi on the Black Renaissance and more

What an honor to be on @TIME 's new cover. From the interview: "In all the forms of expression of human life, we’re seeing that artistry be informed by the Black experience. I can’t imagine anything more exciting than that."

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@TrojanDNC Profile picture Troy Shields


 1 month ago

@TheAmandaGorman @TIME Young lady, young lady, young lady. You are truly amazing! Bless you.

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@pikachuevie Profile picture Pikachueevie


 1 month ago

@TheAmandaGorman @TIME Congratulations!

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@TheAmandaGorman @TIME You make me smile. You exude zest and joy for life.

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 1 month ago

@TheAmandaGorman @TIME You are an inspiration! 💕

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 1 month ago

@TheAmandaGorman @TIME Beautiful! Congratulations!

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@Kembala Profile picture Kembala Evans


 1 month ago

@TheAmandaGorman @TIME Congratulations! That's so wonderful.

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@TheAmandaGorman @TIME Just beautiful - inside and out! Peace and Love!

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 1 month ago

@TheAmandaGorman @TIME You’re incredible! 💗

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Koneko when she is happy...making biscuits...drooling...and purring in my hair. Happy #Caturday 😻

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Happy #Caturday from the Queen of my house.

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My favorite #caturday break.

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Have a relaxing Saturday!

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Daddy’s girl...who dis? #Caturday

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