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@SergioRamos Se queda SR4💔

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@SergioRamos Quedarte porfavor tío! 🙏🏽

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@SergioRamos Join Man Utd Sergio

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@SergioRamos Tg et prolonge

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@SergioRamos Stay in madrid por favor

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@SergioRamos Sign the renewal king !!!

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@SergioRamos quedate :)

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@SergioRamos te amo

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@SergioRamos Let’s grow together
I follow back immediately

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Dionne, was it you? Did you give Magic HIV? #dionnewarwick

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If enough people like this it might increase my odds of getting a certified bio by the #dionnewarwick . My current bio is accurate “I don’t live up to the hype” but people lie on Twitter all the time. So why not me 🤷‍♀️

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@dionnewarwick #dionnewarwick for the longest time my bio was @Drake lyrics. Now it sits empty and unwritten.

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I just want to be friends and hang out with @dionnewarwick. I feel like she’d participate in our @MaskedSingerFOX group chat on Wednesday nights 🎭

#Goals #dionnewarwick

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.@dionnewarwick is the greatest thing to happen on Twitter in I think forever. I speak facts only #dionnewarwick

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@dionnewarwick I'd love a Dionne Warwick bio. I am a music producer, a composer, a sculptor, a cooking show host, a university professor, a volleyball coach, an ice sculptor, an Adulting 101 instructor, an aspiring change agent, a husband and a dad. #dionnewarwick

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I just got accepted into a wonderful scholarship at my top choice of university. I like science, animals, anime, and making friends. My mutuals are ✨family.✨

Sending much love and good vibes your way, #dionnewarwick

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