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 3 weeks ago

It's very easy to blame the manager after a performance like this but we've been here so many time in the last 7 yrs with other managers! To many players we're below poor! To many players bottled it! To many players did not take responsibility! #MUFC #MUNSHU

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Latoya - I really like Latoya, from what I’ve seen so far I think she has the most potential to do well. #BBCAN9

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Y’all better be voting Victoria and Julie for team captains #BBCAN9

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Check Out My BIO!!! --Beth Bieda #BBCAN9 @BigBrotherCA

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Gonna have to add Psychic to my Bio after this season 😂 #BBCAN9

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Meet Big Brother Canada Season 9 Cast #BBCAN9

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@BigBrotherCA Wait newbies? I thought “cast of champions” meant returnees. I was so hyped for @theikawong 😕 #BBCAN9

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@PBBabscbn anyway, watch #BBCan9. that’s what a true reality show is. not this s word program 🤢

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