Patriots: Can we get #QCongress trending with 1,000 fast replies?! Again, I had nothing to do with those conspiracy loving nut bags! All them! Thank you!

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@bubbagumpino got any picks for #UFC259 ?

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Fight Day’s Phuckin Phenomenal

#UFC259 3 #AndNew Tonight

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Ufc lightweights hearing @MAKHACHEVMMA walk out to this banger will have flashbacks #UFC259

Trying to get home to catch these prelims.

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Celebrate international women’s day this Monday by watching these two ladies beat the shit out of each other. #UFC259

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Livinha x Amanda Lemos agora. 🇧🇷 x 🇧🇷. Agilidade e poder de nocaute absurdos da Amanda me chamaram a atenção. Vou nela. #UFC259

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You would think Jan Błachowicz would be using someone who is smaller, more agile as a sparring partner for tonight’s fight. Not a heavyweight boxer 🙈. Easy nights work for @stylebender #UFC259

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