Can we get #QCongress trending?

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We are literally #1 trending! This was so worth staying up for😂 The cam fam is crazy yall!💙 #partyinjcsroom

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#partyinjcsroom listening to my shit from middle school @CrawfordCollins @capturesca @reggiewebber

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Breaking News: $FUBO fuboTV, Inc. (FUBO) Q4 2020 Earnings Call Transcript

#partyinjcsroom @RightAlerts @Jennife56460256 @MonicaCollazo16 $TZA $BDRY $WRHLF #MWN

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we’re number 1 with no description because there is just no explaining what’s going on rn #partyinjcsroom

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i love when i hang out with my friends and they just go on their phone #partyinjcsroom

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#partyinjcsroom turnnnn up 🤪🥳🥂

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Twitter Blurb: 4 thousand people gather to stare at their screens to watch two men and one child stare at their screens for hours. While one can’t handle the party and falls asleep #partyinjcsroom

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