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 4 weeks ago

3 goals from open play in 1 game. Once we had 1 in 10 games. Great going. Just keep playing the strongest team Mikel. #SOUARS #COYG

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As a raging lesbian, now that the #EqualityAct has been passed, can I equally tell Rand Paul and Marjorie Taylor Greene to go fuck themselves?

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Republican asks for a moment of silence for Rush #Limbaugh during #LGBTQ #EqualityAct debate (Unbelievable. Asking for a moment of silence for a hate monger who was anti-gay and mocked AIDS ... this is in your face #GOP bigotry)

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@taylorswift13 It's time for Equality for All. Congrats to the House of Representatives for passing the Equality Act. Now let's make sure the U.S. Senate does the Same.
#RolandforPresident #EqualityAct

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I am thrilled. There is more to do, but today we’re a giant step closer to our members of the LGBTQ+ community being free from discrimination in all forms. #EqualityAct

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JUST IN: $INDXF #EqualityAct @ncvmedia @Benzinga @MarketWN @IndusCannabis $QPRC $CDXC $PAND #MWN

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The #GOP clearly demonstrated yet again that it hates the #LGBT community, with all but 3 of its members voting against the #EqualityAct . The Republicans hate me, and I hate them.

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Equality now. #EqualityAct

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I don’t think people realize how many dedicated trans people fill the ranks of the work force.

More companies need to take the same stance as Oreo!!


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