This is what #blackexcellence looks like. @DennisNia does it again! 🔥

📹 @Pac12Network

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@kk_monsoon @uclagymnastics @DennisNia @Pac12Network I believe they gave her a 9.5. This was a 10 routine.!

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Also @MonicaDenise and @DFBOYZ! And shoutout to @jackraynermusic for the cut and @BeeJayDas for the choreography!

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@kylas40 Profile picture tim


 1 month ago

@queerPOTUS @uclagymnastics @DennisNia @Pac12Network when did you become relevant? oh wait never

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Representing the culture with music by @kendricklamar @Beyonce @MissyElliott @souljaboy @theestallion @2PAC.

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@moosekoenig Profile picture Jared Millay


 1 month ago

@TheABots @uclagymnastics @DennisNia @Pac12Network But also teamwork. Loving the team and crew on the sidewalk cheering her on, dancing with her. Joy.

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@queerPOTUS Profile picture Queer POTUS


 1 month ago

@uclagymnastics @DennisNia @Pac12Network When did gymnastics get cool?

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@uclagymnastics @DennisNia @Pac12Network Why isn't the UCLA staff in charge of USA Gymnastics? They seem to foster individuality, skill and fun.

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@rleykin Profile picture Rome


 1 month ago

@uclagymnastics @DennisNia @Pac12Network The mix in of all the disciplines and music is fantastic. Gives a reason for everyone to love this amazing piece. 🥳🥳🥳

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@uclagymnastics @DennisNia @Pac12Network If she doesn’t get a 10 this year, I’m suing...

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hello ashe !! this question is random, what is your harry potter house? #askASHE @ashemusic

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@ashemusic #AskASHE would you ever think about collabing with Billie??

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@ashemusic can we expect anything mindblowing from your new album? 😏 #askASHE

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how did you know that you wanted to be a singer? #askASHE

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@ashemusic what do you think of corn? do you like it or not? #askASHE

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@ashemusic #askASHE i just played tffa to my mum and she was delighted!!

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@ashemusic @hbwfem @AskAshe Heey @ashemusic , When the pandemic changes to a good and controlled situation, do you intend to bring the shows to Brazil? (Please follow me ♥️🥺 ) #askASHE

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