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Warga Caman Berharap Pemkot Bekasi bersihkan sampah yang menumpuk di lahan samping JORR. Sampah itu suda menumpuk sejak lima tahun lalu.

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@detikcom Buset ngeri gini investasi nya

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@Wally_Wests #CriticalRoleSpoilers Caleb taking a cue from his sister, twisting the narrative into a half-truth.

And besides, would Trent not be PROUD that Caleb -- Bren to him -- is taking initiative in a crisis, and being so brazen as to come BACK to the sanatorium?

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when astrid saves the neins ass next week and yall spin some wild theory about how she planned it all to make her seem like a hero to the nein #CriticalRoleSpoilers

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yes im tired and scared but i have to rewatch it and analyze every reaction #criticalrolespoilers

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@RubyDianArts If Caleb still has his teleport, Ikithon just burned his reaction. They could get out of there fast. But I don’t know if he has the spell slots.

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idk i think someone needs to tell veth to either be a team player or go home. so many selfish decisions and no ones confronted her once for them #criticalrolespoilers

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@BlooberryWizard If anyone can heal a heart it's Jess. INTERVENTION TIME #CriticalRoleSpoilers

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#CriticalRoleSpoilers bingo

there's layers they can be careful about

but weaponising lucien here is a measured risk. And its easier to pull off because the best lie? is one built on the truth

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I am genuinely SO worried for the m9 rn. they SPLIT THE PARTY, Caleb is ALONE and ickythong is going to reach him first (?) plus do they really have time to be dealing with the consequences of their actions before aeor? fear!!!

+ I have a math test tomorrow

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