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 1 month ago

California now ranks 50th out of 50 states in percentage of Covid-19 vaccine shots used

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@chrisgrutt1 @DavidAgus Enjoy our agriculture, our films, our technology and everything else, but sure, horrible state.

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@DavidAgus It’s worse if you consider there are extra doses in each vial too.

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 1 month ago

@DavidAgus Horrible state. Not surprising

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@afshineemrani @josb1969 @DavidAgus That operation warp speed was bs . I’m in NJ , I signed up with state on line for vaccine, I’ve been told that I am now eligible but there is not enough supply of vaccines in my county .

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@DavidAgus @KKurzNHL But they’re “Following the Science”

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 1 month ago

@DavidAgus Rollout has been such a joke.

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@DavidAgus Not good. Not good at all.
It’s tragic.
But as a State that prides itself in being cutting edge, Ricky Bobby does come to mind.

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@DavidAgus Horrific.
I am a physician who vaccinates about 2000 people a year.
I want to close my office for one week and vaccinate all my patients- as should all doctors.
But, I can't get a hold of the vaccine.
So my 80, 90, 100-year-old patients have to go to Dodger Stadium! Seriously?

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 1 month ago

@DavidAgus not good when they are the most populated state......come on newsome

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Glad to be with @ewarren and @RepJayapal and @RepBrendanBoyle this afternoon as they introduce the #WealthTax

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We expect @SenSchumer to prioritize this no-brainer #WealthTax! But Fed tax adjustments won't be enough. Back here in NY we're fighting to end tax breaks on the ultra-rich by passing the #InvestInOurNY Act. @SenWarren what do you think about our bills?

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@Whateva691 #WealthTax Long overdue. Our infrastucture wouldn't be crumbling with it, and that's only one benefit.

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Must read! This multimillionaire destroys the myth of "self-made" millionaires and advocates for a wealth tax over #philanthropy. "Wealth is like manure: spread it, and it makes everything grow; pile it up, and it stinks." #equity #wealthtax

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When there's not a #WealthTax there's a poor tax

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How come this is not the most talked topic in the USA now? Why no one is pounding the table other than @ewarren? #WealthTax #fairtax

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Just do it already so we can get on with the peoples’ agenda. #WealthTax

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