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It was an absolute HONOR to perform tonight for our @POTUS, @VP, & the entirety of our United States of America ❤️🇺🇸 This is a night I will NEVER forget. Thank you to everyone who joined me to sing “Lovely Day” by the late Bill Withers. Such an inspiring night 🤍 #Inauguration2021

Proud of you beautiful...keep shining💖

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@xtina look at your daughter go!!!!!

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@xtina We love you so much Xtina. 🤍🤍🤍

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@xtina Queen

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@xtina QUEEN! ❤️

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@xtina 🙌🏻🤍🙌🏻

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Happy Pokemon Day 2 everyone on Twitter, so I decided to draw Professor Ivy in her swimwear wearing her scientist coat, I wanted to add a Pokemon or a few but didn't want to risk my best effort on this digital artwork.

#PokemonDay #Pokemon25 #Pokemon25thAnniversary #Pokemon

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Happy #PokemonDay! Since 1996 I've been training to be the very best like no one ever was 😁👍🏼.

#Pokemon25 #Pokemon25thAnniversary #kanto #GottaCatchEmAll #ichooseyou #squirtle #squirtlesquad

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Reposting some of my favorite Pokemon art for this year's #PokemonDay . Happy 25th! #Pokemon25

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Happy #PokémonDay everyone! Tune in to see the virtual Pokémon Day concert performed by Post Malone here!

#Pokémon25 #Pokemon25thAnniversary

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One character you've voiced and one Pokemon you think they'd have. #Pokemon25

Was hard to choose so asked some fans and they picked this one. He'll evolve into a true powerhouse one of these days! XD

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Happy Pokemon day! #PokemonDay #Pokemon25

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