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On #MLKDay, we celebrate his life but we’re also called to live out his values through service of our own. Here are some ways you can get involved in your community:

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@RedneckGoth @BarackObama Totally agree. Generation Z approves.

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@BarackObama A way to be purposeful, give service and to express gratitude is to #WriteToAppreciate.

Say thanks 🙏 to a healthcare worker👩‍⚕️ who is working hard today.

✍️ to isolated Seniors.

It takes no time to be grateful and let others know that you care.

#MLKDay   #MLKDayofService

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@BarackObama Democracy, democracy, democracy that was the underpinning thrust of MLK and that's what i believe tôo!

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@BarackObama Biden won the popular vote with a record over 81 million ,
Won the Electoral college 306-232,
Won with a margin of over 7 million,
Won over 60 court cases challenging the results,
Won all 3 recounts in Georgia & 2 recounts in Wisconsin,
He will swear in on 20th Jan 2021 at noon.

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@BarackObama "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."

~ Martin Luther King Jr.

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@BarackObama You were the best President the USA ever had or ever will have. Keep up the wonderful work you have been doing since you left office.

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If anyone had a right to question whether our democracy was worth redeeming, it was Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Because in the face of billy clubs and lynchings, poll taxes and literacy tests, he never gave in to violence, never waved a traitorous flag or gave up on our country.

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My Pisces boy, Happy Birthday 💜 #HappyBirthdaySUGA

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Happy Birthday!!🥳💜
😂😂 his face

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@BTSxSUD @aradiodamassa @BTS_twt @BigHitEnt @BTSxBRAZIL @BTSxSUL @BTSxNORTE @BTSxNORD @BTSxCENT Oi @aradiodamassa! Hoje é o dia do aniversário do nosso Agust D, então toca DAECHWITA do ( #SUGA do @BTS_twt) pra gente por favor?? Obrigada!



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@BTSxNORD @MTVBrasil @BTS_twt @BTSxCENT @BTSxNORTE @BTSxSUD @BTSxSUL @BTSxBRAZIL @BigHitEnt Olá! @MTVBrasil! Quero muito assistir ao MV de #Daechwita do Suga (@BTS_twt) na sua programação. Poderia passar para a gente? Obrigade 🍊🌿



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