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thats one cute sparrow🤩

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We need to boycott the government the more yall give free money the lazy y’all making Americans they literally sitting back waiting for y’all to pass another bill 📝 you doing more bad than good they getting that money blowing it and waiting again for another one #boycottwendys

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Event here:

This Thursday 25th we had the director of Documentary Serie of HBO"The Lady and the Dale" Nick Cammielleri 🤩🤔😎🎥🎞📽🎬📹📼

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Just In: $CBDHF #boycottwendys @MelStuart9 $XTNT $KALTF $OCGN #MWN

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Sorry whoever these random #boycottwendys ppl are but @Wendys spicy nuggets are delicious and you can’t cancel delicious.

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ive spent the entire day hyping over sinnoh remakes what is going on with #boycottwendys

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#boycottwendys because they gave my girlfriend and I Baconators with one patty last night

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Lots went to Wendy’s today the line was huge #boycottwendys

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