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‘Bigger than a normal strike’ against Pakistan, Arnab Goswami said 3 days before Balakot

ThePrint's @BhardwajAnanya and @NayanimaBasu report

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After #AEWDynamite or #wwenxt Our new TV show: In honor of TWF’s 23rd Birthday, 3,061 Pre-Covid fans watch a wild Battle Royal at Stockton Arena in Stockton, CA with the winner getting a TWF Championship match the same night.

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I had another thought about #AEWDynamite tonight. It's the second episode in a row a women's match was objectively the best match. Serena/Riho last week, and Nyla/Britt tonight.

Hopefully those alleging #AEW doesn't focus enough on women's wrestling keep that in mind. Patience.

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How great would it be I could get a follow from anyone on the #AEW Roster #AEWDynamite #AEWRevolution @CodyRhodes @TheBrandiRhodes @youngbucks @LanceHoyt @DarbyAllin @abadon_AEW @RefAubrey @dustinrhodes

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Tony Schiavone halfway into a match that was 75% outside the ring: "This is a match of the year contender!" #AEWDynamite

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AEW has a strong women's division when they actually try, and I feel like they've been trying more the past few months.

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De lado y lado se encuentran buenos combates, algunos momentos destacados y otros no tanto. En #WWENXT @WMTheLoneWolf pone especial énfasis en el futuro de UE; por su parte, @Ayatollah_06 destaca de #AEWDynamite la lucha de mujeres.

Todo acá 🔥

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What a promo from Jon Moxley . If that doesn't get you pumped for Revolution then check your pulse ..
Going by what he said I think there will be a huge spot to write him off tv for a couple of months . It's gonna be insane at #AEWRevolution

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